Sustainability = Love
A Magickal Approach

Do you know the magickal steps towards sustainability?

I am a big believer in sustainability magick. Here are some of my thoughts on why we desperately need to magickally commit to sustainability right now, since it is 5 ‘til midnight on our mother Earth's ecological clock.

Maybe you are sick and tired of the *S* word being thrown around ubiquitously by us hippies, idealists, and eco warriors. Maybe you have already decided to stop reading this article because you don’t want to be “preached” to. Maybe you are asking yourself, "What the @#$%^*& is sustainability magick?”

Well, I am going to try my very best to break it down into a few steps
that can be easily understood for us magickal folk:

Sustainability can start when YOU start thinking of our Earth as a living
organism (some call this the Gaia Hypothesis—-goggle it for more info). Once you have reprogrammed yourself into believing that our mother Earth is a living breathing organism--and that all life here are her zillions of children--you have made a gigantic step towards sustainability.

Alright, now you know you are a child of Earth, and she is your mother.
So, think of the ways that your mother communicates with you. For this
step, use your empathy, feelings, and emotions: When you travel all over
your mother Earth, where does she feel happiest? Where does she bless you most with bliss and joy? For me, some examples include when I am in the deep forest amidst thousands of creatures and plants--or on a beautiful beach teeming with sea life--where I can feel my mother Earth's loving vibrations. Think of where and when your mother looks, seems, and feels most serene and full of beauty...

So far, you have realized that you are a child of Earth, and have
developed your empathy to know when and were she is happiest and gives you the most joy. Like a child of your human mother, you desire to please her. What would be something you could do to give wonder back to your mother Earth? Well, you know she loves trees, so you can plant a few and care for them for five years until they can care for themselves. You've also noticed that your mother Earth seems very serene on long expanses of pristine beach coastlines, so you could volunteer to pick up trash and clean the oil spills that mar (destroy) her shores. You've learned that your mother Earth loves her animal and plant children, so you could
volunteer to work at a nature restoration center, plus you could support
organizations that protect wild lands that provide shelter to our animal
and plant cousins. These are all wonderful and necessary steps.

Through your learning and actions, you will discover that doing good
things for your Earth mother makes you and others around you feel happy. Because of this, you will get obsessed with the joy of supporting and loving your Earth mother! You will start seeking ways to change your
entire daily life to benefit your mother Earth, helping you and others
learn about all of her splendors. With this Earth mother devotion, you
will find yourself organizing ecological anti-deforestation and
pro-animal-rights campaigns.

Eventually—-through this passion about making your mother Earth happy--you won't buy anything that isn't recycled, and you will only support local commerce that doesn’t feed the fuel economy. Even further down this joyful path, you will change from living in a city, to living in a solar-powered eco-village made of mound-homes outside of town. You will eventually do just about anything for your mother Earth, because SHE does everything for you. The more you give her, the more she gives to you--the more you show your love to her--the more she will bless you!

Yes, the first primordial Laws of Magick apply to everything above:
Like Attracts Like
Love Attracts Love

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nice, simple. Old, but still appropriate - more and more so every day?
I'm all for reduce,reuse and recycle it makes perfect sense. I do what I can but I still take trips in airplanes and like having some of the latest gadgets, you could call me an armchair environmentalist!


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