heres a wee question i would love to hear your input .

For many people like myself who want to futher their knowlage in the ways of wicca and have no access to a covan to do you think its ok to learn and train on a online course and self dedicate themselfs once the training is over ??

Are there any other options for those who cant find a covan ??

looking forward to hearing your thoughts

many blessings


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Of course! You can be a Solitary Witch if you want. There are no 'standards'. This website has much to offer. It should be easy to find a beginner's guide to Wicca here, or on the net. But the best way is to talk to other practitioners.:) Welcome!
It is better to find someone in your area who is teaching. That way you have personal guidance. I am currently teaching a few people who have tried the online thing and have been disappointed or frustrated. Do you have an occult store within reasonable driving distance? If so, is someone offering classes? Better yet, find someone who does not charge a fee for such work. Not an easy thing but well worth the patience and effort.
Online training has its merits. Check out the Grey School of Wizardry. It's a seven year course that covers just about every aspect of Witchcraft and the "occult" without getting into specific religions. They have several hundred different courses, and you work with teachers who guide you through the courses. You have to submit essays, and actually do a lot of homework, but it's a good way for someone without access to local teachers or covens to learn. It's located at:
Wow. This one kind of puckers up the old schoolish in me. Wicca is an experiential religion...meaning it is important to experience many of the concepts and mysteries of Wicca to "get it". I feel this can be done in several ways including finding a coven/training coven, a solitary priest/prestess willing to train, self training and practice (lots of self-motivation there) through reading and study. I would say if formal initiation is what you seek, on-line training is not the way to go. Yes, you can do homework and turn it in and get a certificate, but that will never, ever beat being initiated by anothers hand, or a self-initiation/dedication actually in sacred space done on your own. If no metaphysical stores are in your area and you want to meet other Wiccans in your area, a good place to check is or which has meetup groups in a lot of places! But then again, I've not experienced an on-line training course as far as the training materials are concerned...
I agree that the in person training is best. Online does have its value as well. I think we can both agree that Wicca is about learning. You can learn from an online class. You won't get as much out of it, but you are learning. WHile going through an online class, you can look for someone local or a local Coven to help teach you.
This is likely the best way to see it.:)
I too am interested in learning all I can, but in the little town I live in doesn't have anything in the way of Occult or new age. They would have a panic attack if they knew what I'm trying to learn to further knowledge myself. And I'd rather go to a store for oils, so I can smell them myself instead of buying on line. And reading books is good to get started, but then you have to read them the way you need to so you can create yourself.
Too True! I love the ability to on-line shop! But you can not smell the oils or strong or mild they might be on-line. LoLz that is such a good point!!
The problem I am finding here in scotland at least , is that there are very few covans available to treach , when looking at witchvox I have found a few local pagan moots which I have started to go to and really enjoy , but my search for a HP/HPS to teach me the ways of wicca is ongoing but I wont give up the search so it looks like I am stuck with online training and the books until I am successfull
Since a good portion of Wicca training is learning, I would start online training. The training may not line up exactly with your path, but you are still learning. While doing the online training, you can still look for someone to help teach you.
Alba-Do they have in Scottland? Also, maybe someone pagan space may have a way for you. Remember training is wonderful, but so is self-learning. For me, I have to say that getting out on the "mat" and doing the work, is so instructional. It's kinda scary at first...but really exciting and rewarding, also! Don't be afraid to self-teach! ;0)
As a lot of people have said, there are good and bad points about the online training. It is often best to find someone in your local area to teach you. For me, I live in a small town. There are a lot of people around, but none want to train people. This is a very strict Christian area. People don't want to be exposed.

I have started the online training a few times. It helped me learn the basics. Online has advantages as well. For me, I am extremely interested in Celtic based training. This particular path has been a challenege to find someone I can learn from. My training for this is strictly online.

If you are going to look online, I would research the beliefs that each teach. You need to find one that seems to click with you and you can accept. I was going through training with a Coven. At first things were going well. Some of the things they said didn't sit well with me. Some of their belief's, I just couldn't accept.

At this point, I am solitary and I can learn what I want and need to. I understand the basics, so I feel I can attempt to learn on my own.


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