Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer. I'm new to the pagan world and looking to learn and grow and fellowship with people of the same beliefs. It's hard to find that in the real world. Luckily, i have a great teacher who is also my fiance of which i am learning a lot from. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi! Bless all!

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Thanks for the warm welcome all. Billy i will have my eye on you!
ah.. Quite understandable. I'm not the type to just take someone's word for it. I tend to make my own conclusions on matters. As for books, Scott Cunningham(i know he's popular in the pagan world), Dion Fortune, Robert Graves, Israel Regardie(hard to get through), i've read about Crowley, Anton Lavey, . I've got an enormous library (and i do mean enormous) on hand mainly because of my fiance being so involved, books i can't even begin to understand and read yet. I'm very much a novice.
Merry meet! Jennifer, welcome.I am kinda new in here, too....and It is Quite addictive...lol
Merry Meet!

We have been seeing a lot of new people here, its wonderful!:)

What path are you looking into following? Celtic? Eccelctic? Shaman?
Hi Jennifer! Welcome!
Peace Lily
Hi Jennifer,
I've only been here a week but I've learned a lot already - there are some hilarious threads in the forum if you have lots of time too kill - look under "most popular"...
Have fun here!
Hi Jennifer, I'm new to and still finding my way around but I've found some lovely people already


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