(Yes, i did copy this out of my blog section, but i really want people to see it and respond. I've noticed that quite a few people put 8345344 blog posts up at once just to rack up the points and i didn't want to get lost in the shuffle.)

Last night I watched Expelled with Ben Stein, a documentary on the theory of Intelligent Design and I was wondering how the pagan community views this theory. Now, let me note that I.D. has NOTHING to do with Creationism, the Bible and our existence coming from a god who needed 6 days to do his job and a nap on the 7th. Intelligent Design is a conjecture claiming that biological life on Earth, or more broadly, the universe as a whole, was created by an unspecified intelligent agent rather than being the result of undirected natural processes. Would I.D. fill in the gaps that the Darwinian theory has? After all, even scientists can't say for certain exactly HOW the spark of life initially happened. Of course there are many speculations on it but why can't a Creator be one of them? As many of you believe in a creative God and Goddess, bringers of life and death, would the combining of Darwinism and I.D. be the answer to our existence? I am by NO means a scientist so for those who may know more about I.D. then i do, what are some problems with this theory? Is it a weak argument to attribute God to questions we can't possibly know simply because they are too far beyond our capability to understand? And what do you say for the many scientists who have lost their jobs and credibility for even dabbling with such a theory? Isn't dabbling with theories what scientists do? So once again, i humbly ask for your opinions... yaysayers, naysayers, bashers and the like... Light the torch.. let the flames begin!

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oh and i apologize if this is something you've all talked about before. DEAL!
ok whatever.. wrong wording... pardon me... What is wrong with them being combined though?
Ah, i see what you mean. That is a problem i have with it as well. "We can't figure out how to fill in this gap as to how it all happened so we'll blame it on God because we can't understand it"? I don't know.. maybe there's more to it then that that someone can explain to me.
That's exactly what it is. Richard Dawkins describes this as the Argument from Incredulity. Basically, if a thing is so complex *I* can't understand it, then God must have done it.

Nothing even remotely scientific about plain intellectual laziness.
I am a firm believer in the mixture of I.D. and evolution. Have said so for twenty years. I have more thoughts about it that I believe support the hypothesis but am pressed for time at the moment.
feel free to email or post on my blog on my page when you get the chance. I would be very interested in hearing them out.
I thank you. In the meantime I offer this website for some reading on the matter to add to your thoughts.


Bright Blessings.

Chalice MacGrayland
Much appreciated! Blessings!
Why would you want to crap all over 150 years of rigid scientific work with a couple decades of intellectual laziness? Evolution is science, ID is creationism. I know I was a bit harsh in my first post (my apologies, this is a hot button for me), but those links are real. ID is ultimately an evangelical christian effort to ratify Christianity as a state religion. Read the links on the Wedge Strategy.
Three words: flying spaghetti monster....google it...you wont be dissapointed.
ah yes.. thanks for the input.. however, the flying spaghetti monster would only explain my obsession with carbs.. not my existence.
LOL. Yes. The flying spaghetti monster is awesome though for showing the 'political' aim of Intelligent Design as opposed to the philosophy. The politics are that there is a force in the USA (mainly the USA) that wants to teach I.D. in school alongside evolution as a viable alternative. The caveat though is that the deity behind it is the christian one. The brilliance of the FSM is that it says I.D. is good and yes please teach it in schools...but also with FSM as the deity of choice. I have no problem with ID philosophically...but when they want to assume that its *only* the Xtian god behind it....well I cant get behind that as a concept.


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