Well, guess what, maybe it is because you're in PaganSpace.Net....there's a lot of magick around, LOL. Some people say that they can't see:

"The mail box, and friend box at the top of the page are not there, and when I view a discussion there is not a link to follow the discussion."

This is a typical email concerning this matter.

To me the obvious explanation is that sometimes people forget to sign in. Do sign in before you begin navigating in PaganSpace.Net. If you navigate without signing in, you won't see your email, friends button and treads response box.

Please check that first. If you then, even signed in continue to have problems, then contact me or any other Admin.



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I think it was the magic, lol. I was signed in, so I signed out and then back out, still didn't work. I restarted my computer, and signed back in, and still no links. The other links were there, and I could do other things, but just not that. Anyway, this morning they were back.

IMHO - I had been on the computer too long, and I needed to get off. Something was trying to tell me that.

Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it.
Missing links, hmmm.... nah, I'm not gonna touch that one.

Anyway my problem is that I can never view "friend requests" there has been on request that is showing up since I joined, but whenever I click the link it just reloads my page.

It's not that I get a lot of friend requests or anything, but I would like to be able to view them, you know, just in case, LOL.
I just sent you a request Gray, well at least I think i did.....
So thats one more you got...


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