Spirits? Fey/Faeries? Planar creatures? Others problems, ailments, illnesses, or thoughts? The past or future? What do you see or feel, and how do you sense it? What was your first time, and have you had a teacher?

I'm a necropath (I picked the term up a couple years ago), which basically means I see those who have passed from their physical bodies. I've been seeing spirits since I was born, and in a way I was basically raised by them, so my gift is a very big part of my life. I'm just curious as to how many more are out there. As I've gotten older, my spectrum of what I can see has grown, and expanded into the planar realms and slowly gotten more confusing, if that's even possible. So what about you guys? What have your experiences been like?

Thanks, Hugs, and Blessed be

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I SEE Fae and Spirits, I sense illness and affliction, I have auditory input from various realms. When did I start? I don't know that there was ever a time that I DIDN'T...but I may not have understood what I was perceiving when I was younger. HAPPILY, I've found as I've gotten older I've grown LESS insistent on understanding and categorizing all I see, hear or sense. Some things simply ARE. If my assistance is required I try to give it, if my attention is needed I try to pay it, if some wisdom is offered I try to gleen it. Things change and we grow in our understanding and our acceptance. What was confusing today may be perfectly clear tomorrow. That's one of the awesome things about this Path! It seems we learn what we need to know JUST when we need it!
I see and hear spirits tons and tons of spirits almost every where I go since I've been a young child... and shadow people also.

I see spirits all around. Some have made contact, but I don't seek it out at all. I have also been able to see future events months before they come to fruition. Like everyone else, I always could see these things, but being raised Catholic I was taught to not see. It took a lot of relearning to get back to my true self.

Blessings & Peace!
I definitely know about the relearning and the unlearning. They're trying to raise me Baptist (and don't you think they did a lovely job? :) and I have spent most of my life relearning and unlearning. It's quite difficult at times, but in a way I am glad for the experience.

Thanks to all of you who've responded so far.

Hugs and Blessed be
ghosts ive had contact with but most of mine are familars which arent ghosts in mediations ive had contract with Dragons (and believe me they not easy to have conversations with or even get there attention) I saw a Banshee once on the moors in uk during a very foggy early eve i did the proper thing and went in the opposite direction fast (blocking my ears)
Anubis Blessings
I see and hear spirits that have crossed and even those that are stuck between. I see shadow people and phantom animals. I have had the gifts since birth and am the strongest in my family. I come from a bloodline of sensitives. My family (way back) was Irish gypsies.

Its hard for me to pin down exactly what I see because its so often and so natural to me to see things that no one else can see. Usually to the point that I find myself talking to family that have crossed because I sense that they are around me and I can either smell them or sense their presence.
I have clairaudio. I hear. I am not going to say that I don't "see" but when I see it's not with my eyes. I have seen ancestors and spirit guides in this way. I have seen visions, but yet I do not feel I am clairvoyant. I would say that, by far, my clairaudio asset is the greatest.

But outside of seeing, I have other abilities...

I also have some ability to weed out the bad guys, and I am an empath in a sense that I can feel what others not only feel, but what they think. However I am not a mind reader, but I can feel their thoughts although I do not know the thought, just the emotion causing it or connected to it.

I also have precognitive dreams, where symbols foretell a future. However, the only futures I see are those that tell me someone is about to die. I never know who, but there is an element that appears to me in these dreams and it depends on how this element reacts that foretells if the person will be very, very close to me. I also cannot tell "how" the death will happen, but I can tell its severity, for instance if it will be swift, such as a car accident, or perhaps cancer. It's not my favorite gift and there's not much I can do with it. In all honesty, it's more of a curse. I know that's a sharp word, but I've never been able to do anything with it or control this Sight in any way.

Blessings, Macha
I see Spirits just a glim's most the time but their not bad they are helpful all the time, And I feel stronger feelings of things that are not my own too look in the Eyes of people is too see and feel their pain and joys hurts and happiness and sadness
I sense spirits, mostly unhappy (or malicious) ones. I've been able to since I was very young, and that has been getting steadily stronger. Or more open, depending on your point of view, since I have been sensing steadily stronger spirits. Perhaps it's a self-preservation mechanism, only letting me sense the spirits I'm strong enough to handle.
i feel and/or sense the emotions of others, when i go into a subconcious level i can hear thoughts be they from one person recently or far in the past, leading me to understand a persons thoughts can be read years into the future if one has the knowlege of when he was there. Only seldomly do i see spirits, though when i do they don't seem to be of the once human variaty. Not sure what one would call them i see them here and there but as of yet never communcated with the ones i have simply(best possible way to put it) run into. I will seldomly sense the future in the form of a gut reaction that i would best describe as a deep feeling in my gut. my senses are growing stronger, and as such i am trying to learn from what i expirience as much as i can.
I realize this is a little off-topic, but I have a semi-related question. Has anyone else here ever encountered a spirit that was sometimes animal and sometimes human? I know it wasn't a spirit guide, because he was very malicious, though not very powerful.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had an encounter like this.
In the Germanic practice of Seidh it is said that someone powerful enough can travel under the guise of an animal and interact with a distant person. What is done in these interactions, I suppose, is all in the intent of the practitioner.


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