Shadow People. They're popping up more and more, and more frequently within the past few years. To sum it up, they're not ghosts, hauntings, or anything... they're just other-realmy beings that come and seem to "observe" us. I've noticed that they only come out at night - but there was ONCE that I swear I saw one during the day - and most of them like to feed off of anxiety and fear. (Please don't get these beings mixed up with astral psychic vampires, though.)

Many people see them as - duh - shadow-like creatures, mainly resembling human form. The two most common forms appear to have a hat, and the other to appear to be cloaked. (See above picture.)

Common experiences with Shadow People just include the feeling of being watched, a sudden pull of anxiety/fear the comes from nowhere upon their arrival, and they usually move away quickly and dissappear when noticed/looked at... most of the time. Sometimes, like with my personal experience, they persist to stand there, watching you, and in rare cases - like mine n.n - they follow you. It is in these cases, that we get the rare occurances of them actually trying to "attack", "attach" themselves to, or stalk you. This was what all that was involved in my experience. While I've had countless encounters with many Shadow People, there were two or three that stalked me and two of my friends, to a point where my friends refused to go outside at night.

In my BAD experience, one found a place infront of my bedroom window, and just stood there for about an hour. With the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that comes from there presence, I wouldn't gather up the courage to go to the window, or even take action to protect myself and put up my blocks. The ones that would find me that were NOT good, also seemed to have a strange ability to make my mind go BLANK when calling up protective chants or quickie-spells to protect myself, and/or shield my room.

It was only after the aid of a fellow Pagan friend that I was able to ground ALL of my astral attacthments and negative energy. I blessed my room, and put seals on my windows and doors. I haven't had NEARLY as much encounters with them... atleast the "bad ones." I still see normal Shadow People during the night atleast 4 times a week.

(Theres a lot more that goes with that story, but I'm not going to waste your time.)

So I'm asking everyone - have you seen these Shadow People? Had experiences with them? Know something about them that you think would benefit everyone? Lets hear it.

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Good Mom, it is so wrong to scare kids. Paranormal things come to kids I think because they are innocent and the good paranormal needs the kind of com fort a child can give if they can get past the thing about being afraid of them. Lots of kids talk to these entities and never have a fear about them. I saw an episode on A Haunting on Discovery about a young boy who was talking to his "friend" but the 'friend" was an evil spirit of demon an d possessed the child at times. The shadow people I see at this apartment are probably lives that went for one reason or another and they are trapped because they were not ready to go on.
I heard about those kind too Have you seen the episode Unleashed? Talk about a stupid guy He bought a spell book and cast the first spel He came to in the book! Talk about a case who needed professional help! You don't do stuff like that Worse yet he was summoning spirits that are not known for their kindness or obedience! In fact those entitiesa are known for killing any fool who calls upon them.
Ah a woman after my own heart When scared charge and scare them back!!!
Yes, I've seen BOTH these types of Shadow People. Mostly, they rapidly disappear when I observe them, but not always. Though I HAVE seen both in the waking, mundane world, I most often see the hatted ones when I meditate and they "feel" different from the cloaked and even the whispy, less distinct ones.
I read somewhere that ONE observer of these beings considered them spirits who, because of the observer's inability to "tune" them in, could only make themselves known as shadowy forms. I've not really decided WHAT I think they are. But they ARE interesting and their appearances can be unsettling, to say the least! LOL! "Watchers" is an EXCELLENT term for them.
Its interesting to me that this seems to be a growing phenomenon...or maybe its just that more people are willing to ADMIT to seeing them. THAT I'm not sure of.
STILL...they ARE fascinating to me!
as someone who's actually [accidentally] contacted one of these shadow people i have gathered in my mind that these are in fact spirits of those who've passed to another life, in this world, but of a different realm or dimension... this is why they are dark and can really only be seen at night. from what i've seen, if they do appear in the day time it's very very hard to tell they are even there, if you see them at all. having conversed with a few of my friends' passed family members, i've come to the conclusion that these spirits are usually those who have some connection to you in their past life- and want to either help you or harm you. nontheless, there's always someone watching you, whether you're aware or not. if you become aware, that's when they have the ability to connect with you.

Reminds me of Plato's Symposium and Elisibeth Gilbert's TED talk about the Daimon/Daemon/Muse/Genius, and Hesiod's Golden Age.

"If you become aware, that's when they have the ability to connect with you." - you

How do I become aware of them?

I feel it is sort of... discriminatory, to share this planet with another sentient species and yet be deaf and blind to them; rather abusive, me thinks.


Who knows, maybe they can help me out with my path through my lives? Teach classes in ESP... the stuff that works, not the stuff that merely sells. I mean, if I already have an ethereal room-mate, I would at least like to say hello, and be friends with someone/something living here too.

- Anonomouse

Where did you hear/see they only come out at night? I've seen one in the middle of the day.
True I see them they are actually Not harmful And are just the echoes of the past I can walk though lost of places Here and find them.

I ditto that!  Not only I but 2 other persons saw (the same) one in  broad daylight.

Hmm... I've never thought of the fact that they're just simply watchers. The only reason I'm truly confused about their nature is because of the few that "attacked" me. A few have showed up in my meditations and dreams... in both, the same thing happens. They try to ask me questions, most of which I can't remember. But the ones I do remember are "So... whats yourname?" and the others aren't really questions, just them saying my name to a point where they jolt me awake or out of altered awareness.

Either way, after having the one being atrally attatched to me... things have never quite been the same for me. :-/
Yeah... the "questions..." :-/

I've had them show up during meditation and during a few astral projection sessions, but they present to me amorphously (yet distinctly) - your pictures are much more ominous appearing than I've always perceived them. But they ask me questions too.

They never make statements... just ask me something. "How is it?" "Who are you?" "What happened?" Always very brief and I remember one having had a very booming voice that sent me jumping backwards. The questions are unnerving because I don't understand why they only seem able to ask questions (they've only spoken a couple times anyway) and the questions are never "clear" anyway. I'm guessing that they aren't actually audible or linguistic (for how can a shadow speak/vibrate), which is what makes the questions a little unpleasant/disturbing.

I notice but mostly ignore them as part of the natural fauna - they tend to shy away like sprites, and I know a lot of other people who are aware of them and a few have sometimes "seen" one at the same time and place I do (at which point the thing immediately disappears). We all stop whatever else we're about and look at each other and someone will say "did you catch that one?"
"oh well."
Sometimes only one person catches it. Sometimes two or even three of us will spot the same shadow-thing. So I'm pretty comfortable with them and I don't notice them any more than usual lately. But when you mentioned the questions it sent intense shivers down my spine because that's been a strange phenomenon that none of my other friends have encountered (yet, I guess) and it's only been recent. I've never felt "attacked" or seriously threatened at any rate. But there's no reason to rule it out I guess - the universe is a big, strange, mysterious place - what do you feel happened?
Its funny you mention in your dreams they have come to you.To be honest i was just goin to pass on this post.For the last year or so ive been dreaming of these creatures and everytime its almost the same place.In my dream they follow me everywhere i go but only i can see them and they do seek something.These dreams are wierd because its like i could be standing with a crowd of people who dont see them but theres like a whole army of them in front of me.anyway its quite freaky but i still enjoy the dreams


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