I am a bellydancer qand dancer in other areas. i find bellydancing to tie into magick quite well!! It is a great centering excercise and raises the magical energy.......Any more of you do this? What benefits have you found?

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Must be us faeries! we all seem to love it!! Since it comes from the core,the center,its a great grounding excerciser too! All can try it,because it is a natural movement with the hips that all women have! Yea,guys do enjoy it!
I just started a belly dancing class. Two friends from work and my BFF Lisa are all in it too. It's the bomb, I love it. Way too much fun!
Peace Lily
Wait till you start getting the jangling costumes and scarfs! Check out our pics on my site from the Pirates fest. We jangled the night away!
Its all good.I'm kind of a dark faerie type anyway,the warrior fey..... HA! Faeries love all forms of dancing! How long have you bd?
Excellent! I enjoy it all. I Scottish dance,do ballet ,jazz and aerobics,taught on and off my whole life.
My daughter and I joined a club about a year ago. We love the aerobics, kickbox cardio and step circuit classes. I bought 2 belly dancing dvd's a year or so ago, one of them is for beginners. It's hard to get the movements right. lol
Good for you and your daughter!! Nice to have a workout partner,huh? When yiu bellydance,think circflling from the hips,but more of a corner,corner,corner thing.....I have not mastered the art of virtually teaching dance! HA!. Do it in front of a mirrior too!
Ok, I'll try that. Thanks
Yes it is hard. They go to fast, then I have to restart it over and over. My abdomen movement sucks. I never really paid any attention on the 4 part thing. My abdomen doesn't co-operate with my hips. But I'll keep trying though. lol
So true.so true..........
Yes Sir!! there are a ":few" very few male bellydancers....ha! Glad you enjoy it!
So funny Joe! I was ZENA one year for halloween!


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