I am a bellydancer qand dancer in other areas. i find bellydancing to tie into magick quite well!! It is a great centering excercise and raises the magical energy.......Any more of you do this? What benefits have you found?

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Me too! I love it!

I love bellydancing.  I first came upon it when I was breeding Egyptian Arabian horses.  There were always bellydancers at our shows.  Then I started raising Egyptian Saluki hounds and guess what?  There were always bellydancers at our shows.  I started to think there must be something really special about this ancient dance form since it kept coming into my life from different directions.  I have always been a dancer and wanted to try this style out.  When I met Sharon Kihara at a show she introduced me to Tribal Bellydance and it just clicked for me.  I love how it works with the chakras system and kundalini energy.  Obviously there are many spiritual benefits to this form of dancing.  The Indigo is an annual gathering of tribal dancers and the photo below is the person who introduced me to Tribal Style Sharon Kihara.

GREAT THOUGHTS everyone. Marcella,the lady from Chile I met in Spain,was an Egyptian belly dancer too......


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