Everyone check on my BLOG for the videos from the UNIMPEACHMENT HEARING!

Please watch and let's discuss!

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I watched the ones on the Impeachment hearings. Is that what you mean? I will say this. IF my son manages to enlist and goes to Iraq and dies for nothing, I will have no choice but to leave this country. And I love my country, but my government is beyond corrupt and I could no longer support the very thing that murdered my child.

Peace Lily
Americans need to take a pro-active approach to what is going on. We need to DEMAND what we want. We need to RISE UP to be heard. And even more importantly, we need to elect new progressive local officials and congresspeople that have not been bought by the corporations, but those that WORK FOR WE THE PEOPLE...they work for us, not the other way around. People need to get over the thinking and the attitude that someone else is always going to do it for us. WE NEED TO DO IT! Politics and CHANGE is not a spectator sport! We all need to participate. This is the most important magickal work that we can be doing at this time.
I totally agree with you. The problem is, the real peaple's candidates don't have the money or power to get elected. And it gets discouraging to try and try to no avail.
That is why the whole system needs an overhaul. It should not be a "PAY TO PLAY" game! We need ELECTION REFORM and MEDIA REFORM! And we need ALL AMERICANS to demand it. If it does not happen before November, this will not be the nation we knew and grew up in. Our great land will be lost.

Here is what a friend wrote, I agree with him except for the religious stuff, just ignore that part...

Friends ..... on a DAILY basis, those of us who scan the Internet, read our emails, and review the different groups, have discovered a multitude of sins that our leaders, parties and others within what we describe as "government" have committed, many of which border on outright TREASON, and in general, are destroying our country.

Like any American, especially one who served his nation in uniform for over twenty years, I find myself wondering if it was really worth the trouble. Today we have hundreds of thousands of young men and women in uniform serving in the military of our nation, and I'll venture to guess, most wonder if what they are doing (especially those in a combat theater) is really worth it.

I have a cousin over there, and he is a senior field-grade officer, and even he, after almost 20 years of service, has considered quitting in total disgust! That says a lot to me, because he is one of the most patriotic and hardcore officers I have ever known! He is on a fasttrack to be a general officer, and yet willing to chuck it all.

Sadly, I wonder .... how many of those kids facing bloodshed daily (in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other hellhole) even realize what is going on, here at home, and in their national, state and community level politicks ??? If they knew they were fighting for the "democracy of Iraq", only to discover that their own country is being sucked into a police-state nightmare, how many would say .... "piss on it" and head for the hills? Had I understood my war, forty years ago, its likely I might have considered Canada, as many did. But then, that's history ....

On a daily basis, we watch as Democrat and Republican alike, break the law, violate the Constitution, and lie to their constituencies, all in the name of personal gain, and greed. It matters not which party we belong to, anymore ... both have violated the trust of the nation, the people, the Constitution, and all common sense.

Right now, we have two "options", two very useless, dishonest, lying and thieving politicians running for the number one spot. On one side we have BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, on the other JOHN SIDNEY McCAIN (3rd). The "Third Party" candidates (there are many!) of course, are being ignored nationally, by the corporate media, and newspapers, on purpose.

Both of these Wannabes are totally unfit for service as a Commander-in-Chief, nor a leader who can pull America out of the nightmare that the incompetent idiot "King George III" has driven America in to ... with the help and enabling of the MOST CORRUPT CONGRESS in the history of our nation. And worse, it appears that BOTH of the them may be serving other (foreign???) agendas ... agendas designed to further destroy the nation, usurp rights and power, and end our national sovereignty.

What is scary (and not discussed openly, by the media, by the groups on line, nor individually) is the individual who will occupy the NUMBER TWO position. Somehow, there is bad pun there, as no one wants to be called "Number Two", for obvious reasons None the less, NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION!

Keep in mind that McCain is an "old man", in piss-poor health and easily only a heartbeat from the grave, especially with one of them "rare" CIA-induced "heart attacks". By the same token, Obama could slip on banana peel and break his neck .... or worse, some "lone gunman" could repeat history.
WHO assumes the "Big Chair" should this happen ???

Who will be the chosen (and I mean that more literally than you can imagine!) replacement? Consider that both individuals will soon be revealing to th
Consider that both individuals will soon be revealing to the nation, their "Running mates". OPEN YOUR EYES, because that person will be "more in charge" than you can realize. God forbid, that another Cheney'esque Traitor should arise!

It is frustrating to note that we have theorists all over the Internet, telling us about this sin, and that sin, and this and that, and yet .... what are they doing about it??? NADA! Not a damn thing!

The idea of Impeachment of the Boy Jorge and his gang has been going on for YEARS, and yet, only NOW is it coming to be. And I guarantee that he will ... walk ... grinning like the simple minded Chimp that he is. Why? Because Congress will fool around, allowing time to pass until he's out the door.

Meaning: we have an incompetent and corrupt Congress, fearing for their own personal place at the trough! Apparently Jorge and his cabal know where the bones are buried!

Once he's gone, will he be eligible for criminal justice? You bet ... but will it happen? Very doubtful, considering the billions (not to mention his private "army) available to silence anyone who might even consider it. HE MUST BE ARRESTED WHILE STILL IN OFFICE, and the held accountable, for all of his malfeasance, crimes and treasonous behavior.

He has already been shown to be a mass-murderer, by his actions, or lack of actions, involving both the 9-11 incident, and the illegal and unconstitutional wars he has created, leading to the deaths of more than 4000 Americans ... OUR kids and grandkids!

This will prevent his wholesale mass pardons (just like Billy-Bubba did before him!), being issued.

We all know there is NO statute of limitations on the crimes of George Bush. He could still face the ultimate "music", even a generation from now, but once he seeks his hideaway .... who's gonna go after him?

Well ....... so much for that rant. What will be, will be. Its all in God's hands now.

BUT one thing that is in our hands, and we must act NOW, is who will be sitting, when the 111th Congress is formed, in January of 2009. This is where the rubber meets the road! It is also where our future as a nation begins anew ..

Our only hope is to CLEAN THE HOUSE once and for all, this coming election.

What needs to be understood by all is this .... WE MUST vote out of office, every single sitting Incumbent member of this present Congress. To allow even one, to "survive" the Election, and return to office, would be the ultimate mistake ever. NONE OF THE present Congress-Critters (nor Senators) are worthy of our support, and MUST VBE REMOVED ...

Parties? Neither Republican nor the Democrats are worthy!

So what do we do?

Remember ... we have only FOUR MONTHS left, until the Election!

VOTE TOTALLY AGAINST THE INCUMBENT ONLY .... do not worry about the party! If the Incumbent is a Democrat, vote for his Republican challenger. If the opposite, same thing!!! Just get rid of the thieving SOB now occupying that office! And if possible, vote for a third party candidate.

As the title of the letter suggests ... this is OUR LAST CHANCE to make things right. If
we fail, America fails, and we are history .... the reality of Bush declaring MARTIAL LAW
is real ... more real than any America of this generation has ever understood, or ever will!

There is that fineline probability that the Elections of 2008 may NOT happen, as is suggested by multitudes of letters, that have been posted over the past six months. Almost every writer has suggested MARTIAL LAW may be declared, causing the cancellation of the elections. Others have been far more ominous in their predictions. Whatever the case, or excuse, that reality exists!

If that happens, I predict an outright revolution will breakout; it will be "them" vs. "us" .... and as to which side is which, will become the ultimate nightmare! For the first time in some 150 years, there will war, and BLOODSHED beyond the national understanding, on America's soil.

Could this be WHY our neighborhood police agencies are being militarized? You bet'cha!

Will American soldiers be called in, actually shoot and kill their fellow Americans? That too, was one of the many conspiracies floating around. Foreign troops on our soil! Probably more realistic.

Its this simple:

1) VOTE OUT THE ENTIRE PRESENT CONGRESS, at all costs. All of them!

2) Prepare for the worse; if you don't know God, may I suggest you consider learning about Him and learning to PRAY! He still listens, even to sinners like me! God's Simple Plan of Salvation.

3) Prepare your kids and grandkids; they will go from "roaming the malls" to roaming through garbagecans, seeking simple daily sustenance ! That's right folks .... just like the Iraqis have, since we destroyed their infrastructure!

I LOVE MY COUNTRY, and have served her for more than 60 years ... but ... It would appear that America as a whole, is about to get its "comeuppance". And who's to blame?

YOU, ME and every other American who failed to act, when it was necessary ......


We were warned ... continually ... and yet we ignored the Call!!

II Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) ... is the answer .....

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Think about that for a moment:
WHO are "my people"? Who are "called by my name?"
Despite what the atheistic ACLU and Liberals want to tell us .... America was founded as a "Christian nation".

Don't believe it? Read any of our founding documents, and unless you are blind and stupid, anyone can see that they all reference God, Jesus and other words referring to Divinity.

America and her people, were truly Blessed right from the very beginnings of our nation ... and She can be blessed again. All that is required is stated above, in the Scripture quoted.

Please note: this verse is a FOUR step program (in that order!) ...
1. humble oneself, 2. pray, 3. seek His face, and 4. turn from our evil ways!
Once we have done our part, He will then Hear us in (from) Heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land!

Simple, and to the point!


Steve Mungie
Senior Citizen
Alabama USA


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