So, I'm new to this site. I've met a few really nice people. I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant as of today, and my fiance & I are having trouble picking a name for a girl. We already have a boy name, Judas Doran. Now we need a girl name. We really like Ava, but we can't find a middle name to go with it. This is driving us insane! We want something airy and whimsy. Please help!

Blessed Be!

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Generally you can't go wrong with the classics, Ava sounds very similar to the Latin Ave (hail) so I would go with Marie, Ava Marie, is not a bad choice.
If I have a daugter I want her name to be Kira/Kyra/Kiera or some type of that spelling.
If you want something airy, I would suggest Ariel, as it means 'airy spirit'. (I was tihnking of the name from the Shakespeare play, but the mermaid could work too :) )


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