Hello dear sisters,

Please write your new addresses here. The ones that are in the first group you are fine there unless you change your address. We will start a new one every two years and I will try to go thru the first one and get rid of the addresses that do not work anymore and try to keep better track of it all.

Please don't forget if you can have markings on the envelopes or not.

and have fun writing to each other..

Love and light your way,



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1650 croft Rd Springfield, OH 45503

Not to sound rude but what name do I use. 

You can use your real name or magical name it is totally up to you. And is markings ok on the envelope.

hello Wolfmoon,

What is your address hon?  Would love to write to you..

I am so sorry to take so long to write back to you shadowdance. My address is Po Box 338 Hardy, Arkansas 72542

Hello everyone! My address is still the same:

1631 SW Austin St.

Seattle, WA 98106

You can address the envelope to Felis Draco or to Amy Bradley (my "real" name). Pagan decorations are welcome!

And if any of you are so inclined, you can also write to my kitties. Kobe in particular I am sure would be thrilled, since he's pretty much my familiar. Slender black kitty, highly intelligent, and he picked me out by sticking his paw out of his cage and yelling at me. Can't guarantee a response, but we'll see. :)

(The other kitties are Kiki and Kyoto [sisters], Mi-ke and Radar.)

hi felis maybe we should have kitty pen pals to, my kitties are CJ, Tok'ra and Gizmo if your kitties would like kitty pals i would try my best to interpret BB:)

Kristy Bryant
104 Elizabeth Cox Rd.
Westminster, SC 29693


When I was a maiden pen pals were very common. Now I'm in the crone stage I'm so happy to see this being rediscovered.

Angela Chouinard (mundane name)

5667 Sone Rd #160

Centreville VA 20120

Felis Draco I would love to have my kitties write to your kitties. They like to get on the keyboard so they might like to say hello by letter. Or maybe send some homegrown organic catnip. 

Homegrown organic catnip? I am sure the kitties would approve!

Oh, and I am also a crone now, and love the idea of reviving the art of writing letters and having penpals. :)

I will send a little box. A baggie in an envelope might upset the post office:)


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