72 hours to End the War on Drugs
Update June 1 2011
Amazing! In just a few days, we blew past our goal of 500,000 voices calling for an end to the war on drugs. Our message will be hand-delivered to the UN Secretary-General
and world leaders on Friday, June 3 at a press conference in New York. The event
will feature a live counter of petition signatures, so every one of us counts --
let's keep spreading the word and building this campaign!

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Signed! But I'm not sure if anything will actually happen because of a bunch of signatures.
I get frustrated just thinking about the war on drugs. Imagine if we had put all the time and money we put into that into the space program or curing cancer. I mean what the fuck, prohibition is the most illogical bullshit ever.

Prohibition=stimulus checks for criminals(essentially)...ban drugs, black market makes more money, simple economics.

"Imagine if we had put all the time and money we put into that into the space program "


You are right.  The US & GB have been in the drug business since 1838 when both

countries warships sailed up the rivers of China and bombarded their cities because

of Chinese attempt to stop the Opium trade by raiding merchant ships and dumping

their opium overoard. Restitution was demanded, refused hence the military went

in to get what the greiving merchants wanted.

  Source  Pacific Centuriy on PBS circa 98/99

  So no paper is going to stop THE TRADE. Besides did anyone watch Air AMERICA.

               Peace and pleasant journeys

all that it takes for idiots to run the world is for sensible people to be silent
I think the new legal drug trade getting so big has been just a big fuck you to the DEA. Incense, bath salts, plant food, herbal capsules, research chemicals*=synthetic weed, synthetic coke, synthetic meth etc.

*These are the crazy ones aparently tiny doses can be too intoxicating-but they're legal...

I think it's hysterical, also with weed being cultivated in 48 States, it's over. Looks like there could be a big change but I wonder how much it will effect the US, though marijuana laws seem to be getting more lax everywhere. The general public definately seems more comfortable with marijuana than the "hard drugs"


JUNE 2011

To learn more about the Commission, visit:
Or email:

The global war on drugs has failed, with
devastating consequences for individuals
and societies around the world.

I signed it as well.
"Only answer if I know how they intend to moderate its use."

I guess that's the tricky part. To be true to the constitution it should be controlled at the state level only, the Feds can go fuck themselves.

Black markets ruin lives. Drugs can but that's an individual problem and no one else should have any say in it. People should have the right to destroy themselves if that's their choice.
Alot of people misuse alcohol as well, but those who are responsible and use it in moderation don't have problems with it. And we've already seen what happened when they tried to ban alcohol.

I'm a firm believer that the government should not try to protect stupid people from themselves.
Yep and there is no difference between alcohol and illicits. Drugs are drugs. Oh wait alcohol kills more people.

And ya when the fuck will the world learn that prohibition of anything doesn't work and never has.

"I'm a firm believer that the government should not try to protect stupid people from themselves."

Exactly, like LaVey said "Stupidity should be painful".


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