AS much as I enjoy the fantasy realm and make believe,the fact IS,I must keep a firm grasp on reality now. I have a busy house,5 grown kids that visit often,a very active husband and 92 year olde DA,that ALL things revolve around his care in what we do and where we go.Its not eassy for mer at times.. I MAKE myself be here now at times,hell,I'd much rather be in the faerie realm at times. I keep myself centered,physically "rooted" here now on Earth. I also like to visit with others and be encouraging. this helps me to be here,now,too. I picture myself as a tree and ground. What do you do to be here NOW?

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Very true and i agree with you!! Fantasy is kinder!!!
You could learn!!! Always. There are no limits in the fantasy realm....
I go visit my rabbits in the spare bedroom, or dig around in the flowers I planted out with the living creatures under my care helps remind me to stay rooted in the present. Who will take care of them if I don't? That always shakes me up and solidifies the 'now' for me...
"What do you do to be here NOW?"

Notice my name?

I'm a father with 2 daughters in college, have a couple businesses, own some rental properties and all of the standard trappings a person needs to get by today.
But I still 'escape' by being Here Now. Maybe this is the opposite of what you're writing about?

Being Here Now for me is an Intense Awareness thing I've been able to do since I was a kid.
It is an intense feeling of consciousness, I guess. Time slows down and awareness accelerates. It is wild, thrilling, almost frightening and very cathartic.

It lasts only a few seconds but afterwards, only the important things seem important, and bills, work, problems, and the day-to-day grind become much less stressful.

Is this what you mean?
"Be here now" Sri Rahmana Maharshi

I have done something quite similar! I quick meditations and "grow" roots. However, I have to say I am having a particularly difficult time staying grounded. I always do. I get sick or swept away by others energy really easily. Lately my empathic or energetic awareness has been getting in the way of functioning. I do quite a lot to shield myself including yoga, meditation,energy work, running, kickboxing (this gets rid of some the excess energy I absorb), etc. I am currently getting into Thai Chi but I have yet to really figure out how to get it under wraps. I usually have to isolate myself. I am a bit of a hermit which, for 23 is quite peculiar. My partner sometimes gets frustrated because he wants me to learn to master this rather then letting my environment have such a profound effect on me. I wish it were so easy.

Hmmm... This is probably a much longer response then you wanted ;)
"Sri Rahmana Maharshi"
I've never heard of this person..
But I googled that name and those quotes are so true.
I don't meditate as far as I know, though maybe I do.

As far as feeling that awareness, I'd like to hear more of what you've felt.
It can be difficult to make it happen, and day-to-day existence does get in the way.

Can you tell me more of what you've experienced?

That fact that you can use physical exercise to 'shield' day-to-day energy could be of use to me!
Hello fellow tree lover! My branches reach out to the universe with all it's potential and possibilities, while anchoring myself by my roots into the earth that gave me birth and give me comfort.
AYE! Better to be there than up the tree,my friend!!

My favorite method of grounding is to step on the exposed roots of a living tree (barefoot whenever possible), and lean back against the trunk.
Thank you!! And oh,I do too Sir TANNHAUSER!! I have lived in the physical fitness./dance realm always and it is a great way for me to recenter too!! And very true,a wee bit on online fun is grande too!!!
I agree, you are a very special person! I am honored to know you!


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