AS much as I enjoy the fantasy realm and make believe,the fact IS,I must keep a firm grasp on reality now. I have a busy house,5 grown kids that visit often,a very active husband and 92 year olde DA,that ALL things revolve around his care in what we do and where we go.Its not eassy for mer at times.. I MAKE myself be here now at times,hell,I'd much rather be in the faerie realm at times. I keep myself centered,physically "rooted" here now on Earth. I also like to visit with others and be encouraging. this helps me to be here,now,too. I picture myself as a tree and ground. What do you do to be here NOW?

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You gents have just made my day and Gerard Butler on Ellen with his kilts on today!! HUGS!!! Is this YIU up the tree DRAGONNSON??
Yes mam, I cant stay out of them:) They recharge me!
LOL...This is me in Italy up a tree in the Olive grove!! I got dared!!

olive trees are awesome! i love their bark and leaf texture. Were ie your rope and saddle;)
HAHAHA,no need!!!
This is the way I feel too,that it is a constant "fitting" in with what I do daily. i view myself as a magical being always. I can day dream at will,most definetley!!! HA!! and enjoy it!!
I dont know I live in Vegas reality is not all that real....mostly I try to pay the bills and not get to depressed about it


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