I fully accept gay witches/Wiccans , mainly because I am one. But how do most Wiccans or witches see homosexuality in a religious aspect? I have always thought that perhaps one has had a past life where they were the opposite sex and had a love for another soul. Or, that they have a natural connection with the God or Goddess. So, please, express to me how anyone else recognizes homosexuality in their religious aspect, and how it connects to the natural rhythm of life.

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I am so glad someone else started this topic. I don't care if people are gay. It's not up to me to say what to do in anyone else's life. I don't condone (sp) or condemn it.

It's not for me. My family spiritualy doesn't believe. We are nature pagans. We like nature and natural stuff. What's natural for me ain't natural for others.
What a perfect response! :)

Can I just say I second that? hehe

Wow, Eaglewoman...That pretty much says it all...The only thing I could add is, We believe in reincarnation...Therefore, If we were the opposite sex in another life, then I believe that could carry over into the next life...A woman who has more male characteristics, or a man who has more female...

You know you may be right. It brings a new light to a love for all people. If you don't accept people, then you don't accept the divine, or the mother Goddess.
In my experience, I've found that views on homosexuality vary from person to person, though most that I've met seem to find it about as important as the color of your hair. I've come across people that thought that because I was gay, that I wouldn't be able to raise or work with energy "correctly", because I wasn't straight and wasn't attracted to the Goddess in a "proper manner for a man." Pfffft! I've done circle work with others that were surprised when they found out that I was gay because evidently, I can raise and work with the energy "correctly". The majority of people really didn't care one way or the other, it just wasn't important, the work and a person's connection as well as their commitment to the Gods were what was important.

My personal take on things is that as a gay man, I have a unique connection with the Gods. I approach the Goddess as mother, sister, friend and partner. I see the God as lover, self, friend and partner. It's a side of them that isn't active in some people's relationships with the Gods. I understand the passive side to the Goddess' energy and the active side of the God's. I can also see her active side and his passive energies as well. Some men that I've met have difficulty accepting the passive side of the God and there are women that I've met that the only active aspect of the Goddess they acknowledge is that of the Vengeful or Wronged woman.

If you can, find the book "Another Mother Tongue" by Judy Grahn. It has alot of information in it about the role that gay people played in pagan cultures as well as gay relationships among the Gods. Its a good read.
Nah, I am sure that there are some old die hards out there that would try to argue the point. Of course, some, not all but some, are also the same people trying to get under your robes and prove to you that you just haven't met the right woman or man yet....

Coming from a family tradition, if they thought I was having sex with my sister or my mother to "prove" myself, then they are seriously thwacked.
*laughs* in truth, i find the color of peoples hair much more inportant than their sexuality. the only differance sex preferances in males make to me is wether i see them as a prospective friend only or a prospective friend or mate. in females it makes no difference at all. last year my friend bri who was a girl was in love with a girl and bri's dad wouldnt let them see each other. I helped them meet with each other and let bri use my cell phone to talk to her all school day so her dad wouldnt catch her. it was so sweet. Bri had pics that her girlfriend had drawn for her all over her locker :)
I see homosexuality in a religious sense the same way I see heterosexuality: Our bodies are sacred. Sex is sacred. One of the ways we can recognize our connection to the divine and show respect for the deity(ies) we worship is through sex.
That is also true, thank you.
my attitude towards this, and a few other things can be best explained by modifying a quote from a movie.

I'm assuming at lest a few folks have seen the Robin Hood re-do with Kevin Costner.

Azim (Morgan Freeman) has a great line in there that I appropriated and edited, because it says a lot.

"The Goddess loves wondrous variety"
Here here! I love that line and use as much as appropriate. :-)
I don't think homosexuality really makes much difference. According to Gardner's BoS, for instance, a High Priestess may strap on the coven sword and so act in the capacity of a High Priest. Therefore, a lesbian couple can be in a BTW coven and function as a couple.


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