I fully accept gay witches/Wiccans , mainly because I am one. But how do most Wiccans or witches see homosexuality in a religious aspect? I have always thought that perhaps one has had a past life where they were the opposite sex and had a love for another soul. Or, that they have a natural connection with the God or Goddess. So, please, express to me how anyone else recognizes homosexuality in their religious aspect, and how it connects to the natural rhythm of life.

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You are right, Arachneh. Back when I was in a coven, it was myself and our high priest and a few students. It was he and I who acted as the high priesthood. We recognized the male and female within each other, each with one hand on the chalice and one hand on the blade.
When I was with my BTW coven, I was the sole female in an otherwise gay male group. We had a lot of fun exploring polarity. One of my brothers could channel some serious Goddess energy! He frequently took the role of HPS and in many ways, did a better job than some females I've participated with in ritual.
*sigh* I miss you guys!
Homosexuality in all its incarnations is as natural as heterosexuality. Over 400 species of animals in all family groups have been observed to have individuals that exhibit homosexual and sensual behaviour with the same gender. Males and females have been observed. It's truly fascinating. I can understand the naysayers about the apes imitating humans, but all of nature surely wouldn't be putting on a show just for our benefit. Non-reproductive sex is natural on this living Earth. That is the basis of my religious views concerning gay Wiccans.

Being a gay male,
I can say I have only been met with love, support and respect
from other individuals in Spiritual Practices.
And in some circles, I have been looked upon as a bit "More"
a Male with Fem energy. A bonus of sorts. I never understood that;
I have always just been comfortable being me.
Christopher Penczak has a great book called "Empowering the Tribe" about gay witch craft. I bought it for my boss, who is gay and he loved it.
We are the Gods special children. And by special I don't mean better, I mean unique. :-)
To me it does not matter who you are with. Gay or not gay. We are all human.
I have always believe our soul has no sexual orientation. When we are born our physical bodies are male or female, but what makes us..."us" isn't that. I believe when we fall in love, there is some connection for some reason, from a past life or perhaps a life that is meant to be with us in future lifetimes. When their is a connection between 2 people, it doesn't matter if it is with a person of the same or opposite sex. But that is just what I think though.
ya, i always thought it meant u were a diferent sex in an opposit life. I personaly have no problem with it. of course, i live in what is probably the most sexualy confused city in north west america, or all of america maybe. Portland oregon. ( i am straight, i think. hmm well maybe not, both female and male bodies please my eyes, though pussys look wierd.
All sexuality is good as far as I'm concerned. Religion only tends to separate people and I don't have issues with any sexuality. Some of the sweetest most genuine people I know are gay and I love them dearly. Whether past lives have anything to do with it or not, matters not...they are as they are now and deserve the respect and love they attract. I'm not Wiccan, so I can't speak for them, but as far as witches go...all are accepted and honored as they be. Each to his or her own.
(sorry, it's late and my clarity is fading! LOL!)
Are you saying that it's possible for gays/lesbians to have an advantage in the circle? I would assume if any figure could run the circle as the HP or the HPS then they wouldn't only have to be gay. Anyway, I feel there is only one explination , to me, and I think it resides in a little "charge" if you will or monologue that I wrote not too long ago. It was supposed to be the thoughts of the Goddess as she returns. (I consider myself to be eclectic, but I somtimes seem to lean towards the Dianic tradition.) In it she peers into to the souls of humanity and discovers how no one has a love for anyone anymore. How war, whether it be between nations or between two people about gay marriage, Has strangles the love we were intended to have on each other. Someday i'll post it up for yall to read.


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