I have been in the process of sewing a ritual robe using a pattern. I say sewing but I keep messing up and I am almost done. My question is this who makes the robes and who has the best price? I am thinking of having my mother and I make robes to sell after we get the bugs worked out so buying one to see how it was made could help a lot. Thanks in Advance


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keep in mind copying someone elses pattern might not be the best way cause they might get a bit angry if you are selling their design. I can understand wanting to find out other techniques, which can be found on how to sites on line. I would not recommend making a direct copy of someone elses robes to sell.

Maybe the bugs are in the types of fabric you are using, cause i find some are harder to sew with.

Just remember to follow the KISS rule (Keep it stupid simple) and you should be fine. Also remember, you can always add embellishments once the base is done.
I have never bought a robe. I make my own. Just a basic floor length t-tunic design. I used a blouse I have to give me as idea of how the lines should work to that it's mildly fitted.
too many robes look like something a LARPer's closet threw up. Often folks use bad/cheap fabric, and some even use this kind of ribbon as accent decor:

I hate that shit, I think it makes ritual robes look like something someone's mother made for a school pageant.

ok I'm done ranting about that :)

I personally like more tailored robes, or skirt/pants-long tunic combo, really though it's up to the person, and maybe their tradition.
I like the robes that a LARPer might have 'thrown up' as you elegently put it, but mostly for the warmth factor. The sweatshirt material is nice and cozy if its cold outside. Unless you like a cold wind going up your privates while wearing nothing under your robes....fleece and sweatshirt material is your friend :-) (so sue me I dispise being cold)

But then again...i am also a larper...so Im kinda biased
Hey nothing wrong with a warm robe, just saying we have more options to pull from than the 12th century ;)


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