I am not sure if this has been discussed before, but im giving it a shot. 


On another site, there was a discussion on Silver Ravenwolf and someone cited an article they had written on why she is not a good source and one of points was:


“Angels” have nothing at all to do with Wicca – Angels come from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Bahai, or NewAge theology  –*not* Wiccan. 


To misrepresent Wicca as a religion “about Angels” is LYING, to the very people who are most (legally, ethically and morally) responsible for their children, just because *you* don’t think they’ll make (what you consider to be) the “right “ decisions, and allow those children to buy and study your material, is despicable. 


So my questions are these:


1. What about Christo-Wiccans? Does the fact that they are Wiccan mean they cannot believe?

2. What about eclectic wiccans?


I personally believe that angels are modified fae or may even be part of the same family of winged beings that the Christians adapted and modified. Whether this is fact or not, I am not sure. I am NOT an expert on the subject and I don't claim to be. But I don't see a problem with believing in angels. If requested I will give a link to the article, but what are your thoughts and opinions?

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I think it is less important where the belief in angels come from than if they're real. Even for Wiccans.

I think that if you have a personal experience with a spiritual being such as an angel then you do - for you then, they EXIST. I had a vision/encounter with an angel during a time of crisis that was completely unexpected. And no matter what "religion" I claim to be now or in the future - my angel IS a permanent part of my belief system. But I'm eclectic, not Wicca so I am open to many things.


Also, if you want to study angeles or believe in them, then I suggest asking for guidance. Let the spirit and your heart be the guide to your truth.


Christopher Penczak, a Wiccan author discusses angeles  http://christopherpenczak.com/online/?page_id=144


and angeles are also a part of ceremonial magick...


Silver Ravenwolf maybe correct that *Gardener* specifically did not teach of angeles, I'm not an expert - but angeles DO have a magickal tradition beyond the religions listed above, and pre-date Wicca.


I'm Curious too - what is the OP quote referring to? who is being called "despicable" and why?

Ugh, I've heard arguments like this before about Ravenwolf... and her adversaries.


My advice is, get better authors/sources regarding both Wicca and angeles. 

Is a fairy with feathered wings considered an angel ?

thats a very christian belief isnt it?


Hi,  I personally believe that it's silly to say a person of a given faith may not believe in a being that is seen as being part of another faith.  Religion is humankind's attempts to understand and commune with the Divine.  It does not define the Divine.  Just because a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim believes in a particular concept, it doesn't mean that I as a Wiccan must reject that concept in order to be true to my faith. 

All cultures of the world have stories of the Fae and of Angels, if they are somewhat different in their descriptions.  I'd say that this means that both of those types of Beings are "real."  Whether they are related is a matter of opinion.  But I take exception to someone telling me that because Christians believe in Angels, I can't believe in Angels.  Cnristians believe in lots of things I believe in...like coleslaw and love and baby hugs.  Does that mean we can't have a crossover?  Please.

Note:  I'm a Trad Witch through and through, just for conversation's sake.  I'm no eclectic.  My Trad is Blue Star, Alexandrian derived.  I still stand strong on this one.  3rd Degree High Priestess, I am...whatev.

Angels are older than both Judaism and Christianity. They have ancient "pagan" origins.
That's weird because they appear in non-Christian texts. Some of the apocryphal texts, such as the book of Enoch, have a lot of stories of angels. Azazel and Metatron are two ancient Hebrew angels that are named in these books. Azazel had been around along time and the Hebrews would sacrifice to him.
are you gonna go for it?
You could include it in your path tho.
I know it takes some practice. Its like that with all magic.


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