Anyone buying incense soon? Which are your favorite brands and/or scents. I like florals.

And herbs as a second choice. I like buying 1/2 sticks to have more variety. 

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Enjoy Glastonbury looks very nice.

I'll be resupplying soon.  I just realized I'm running low on sweet frankincense.  I tend to stick with that or cinnamon, dragon's blood, amber and copal blends.  Burning herbs gives me a headache.

My favorite brand is Fred Soll's resin on a stick 

I never buy incense because it has little worth in comparison to sourcing and blending your own geared to the actual rite envisaged.The commercial stuff is magically impotent but possibly good as an air freshener!

But thats just my purist British Witchcraft ideology poking its nose in.

I'm pretty bland on this topic. I like dragon's blood and nag champa. I also burn sage and palo santo wood. When I tried myrrh it gave me a sinus headache. Silver Surfer is pretty good, but I don't think you were referring to that kind of "herb."


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