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im dying, this is too funny.
bahahaha! awesome :)
I'm in.

Tomorrow I'll purposefully not recycle, drive my car around the block for no reason, and slap the earth.
I'm smoking a cigarette...........this was 2 funny 4 words.........LMAO.

Dammit, i forgot to go get my free tree.  Free tree?  WTF?

WTF, I wanna toke it up too...........Free Tree.......Where???? It's
^ Props. <3
The music is really good on the show. Everytime this one commercial comes on it reminds me of the show, sounds just like it.
Ah I got a laugh out of that. I really liked the zombie episode.
I remember when Panty and Stocking became the new thing at the school, haha. Yeah good times.
Slap that bitch


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