In replying back to one of the discussions on "dead time" from the paranormal state tv series, I desided to ask a question of my own. This has to do with paranormal or spirit activity but nothing to do with the recient discussion so here goes. I have no idea why they call dead time dead time.

Do you think spirits are more active around children?

Thats my question to you and here is why I ask this question. This house has been active from day one of moving here 16 years ago. Though I "SEE DEAD PEOPLE" on a regular basis, others have seen spirits in this house/ area. People who would not normally admit to seeing them wont even visit any longer. The last 8 years things have been slowing down in the sight department. I had honestly blamed this on my eye sight leaving me (age thing). HOWEVER...when my grandkids are around, things do tend to get a little strange. Like yesterday, I'm busy as hex, running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready for yet another yard sale. Ghosties not even on the brain cells, I'm so busy. The grand daughters are here with me. Low and behold I see movement down the hall, and there...I THINK IT WAS A HE...stood! This one was see through, others have been as plain as you and I in detail. The girls are at the kitchen table eating, the cats are all over my desk sleeping. No one else in the house at the time and I blinked my eyes and he was gone. He was about 4 foot in height, very tore up in the face area...burns or something, but looking straight at me, blue eyes and all. I never jumped, I never had that OMG feeling, I just walked down the hall to investigate and right through a cold spot. My grand son refuses to spend the night in this house due to the "thing" in the hall, as he puts it. Was it my imagination or do kids attract the dead? Things like this happen when the grandkids are here, and now I myself, eye site bad and all...have seen him.

Oppinions welcome...

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If my spirits get any more 'active' they are going to have to start helping with the house cleaning!
I don't know much about spirits and ghosts, but children's minds are open in a way that adults' minds usually are not. It makes sense that spirits could be attracted to children because of their openness.
It's because children aren't jaded. They are fresh from Vallhala. They remember what the great Goddess looks like.


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