Are you afraid of the current US political climate as a Pagan?

With the recent emergence of evangelical christianity in the United States, the rise in fascism and hate groups across the US and Europe, especially within Pagan circles, the increased use of concentration camps of migrants and family separation policies, and the legal limitations on women's bodies and choices, are we, as a non-christian community and vulnerable demographic, afraid that evangelicals and lawmakers will turn on Wiccans and Pagans in a manner that will mimic the Burning Times, World War II, or worse?

I've studied as an anthropologist. I'm not doing this for work, class, publishing, or fame. I'm curious about the current attitudes in our neck of the woods. I'm curious if anyone else is as afraid as I am.

Thanks in advance,


UPDATE: I'd like to thank all of the participants in this thread who contributed to the discussion. Your responses here have been fascinating, to say the least, to read and ponder and to provide a somewhat decent perspective of current attitudes within this particular group of Pagans. I appreciate your ability to stay on topic, mostly, and to be kind, caring, and respectful to fellow Pagans. Thank you.

To those who were not the aforementioned adjectives, please know and understand that we are all Pagan here and that regardless of political or religious beliefs/paths, or ability to troll, we must stand strong to protect each other. Otherwise, we're no different from those warring christian tribes who do, in fact, hate us. Thanks again to everybody who participated.


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I don't think I'm at a point of fear yet. I am concerned that all this will grow to dangerous degrees at the rate it's going but for right now I think it more prudent to get involved, give candidates a very serious look see and find one that will uphold the constitution as well as properly look out for the people... then get out and vote. 

Pagans outnumber Evangelicals by quite a bit right now. It's just that many are still fearful, still in the shadows, still keeping out of the light of day. While I understand safety is important and some family situations will not allow for being fully out, there is no reason to avoid at least supporting those who are very out and public as much as possible. If the majority stands up then they wont have a choice but to move aside and make room, learn a few things and gain some real understanding.

Things will not change for the better if we keep idly standing by instead of getting involved. The more of us that do, the more our needs and concerns will be addressed. When it is realized there are a LOT more of us than they realized they won't have a choice.

This is what I fear, political types setting up;

Azzat Alsaleem

· 22h
ISIS took one-year-old son of a #Yezidi mother and cooked him.
She was imprisoned 3 days without food then they brought her a plate of rice & meat. She ate the food bcz she was very hungry.
“When she was finished they said to her:We cooked your son, and this is what you just ate’

"evangelicals and lawmakers will turn on Wiccans and Pagans in a manner that will mimic the Burning Times, World War II, or worse?"

I tried to warn you, this is a rabbit hole of insanity. It's just another form of hate, with a little paranioa thrown in. The reason he can't elaborate on World War 11 assimilating concentration camps, and "burning times" insinuating all the literally crazy and bizzarre prognostication he makes here is that basically anyone with a logical mind or any degree of common sense, outside of a teenage opioid addict, would not have the nerve to present this to an objective audience.
This is so obviously funny and rediculous that I really think he did this deliberately, in order to be facetious, and insult the intelligence of anyone who would challenge him. That is why he's been in hiding, with no response or fact, as if anything like that would even be possible anyway

In the world of fake news, opinions rule the roost. Facts, reason, and substance are simply left out of the equation..

I've read through your comments on this thread and I have decided that you are not interested in having an intellectual conversation void of emotional, knee jerk reactions. You're a troll. I've tried ignoring you but others clearly wish to engage in belittling banter instead of having a civilized conversation with opposing perspectives. I've held back because I'm new but now I've decided to report you because trolling violates the basic rules of this site. I hope you learn a lot from this experience and good luck to you in life.

No. should I be?

It's no surprise that such rediculous accusations and scenarios would find some lunatic fringe components hiding in the woodwork.

So you consider your enemy to be bigoted, because you have a distorted worldview of bigotry, and racism, and that lets you off the hook because you are a self pampered race panderer. A hater and fear monger repeating the usual slurs that are commonly and openly spewed by you and your beloved frustrated "goon squad".. 

The Nazis were successful because they knew that angry and frustrated people just like you, were vulnerable to becoming self made victims of an unjust world or society. Ripe for picking. Of having everything taken away from you, including your freedom and dignity. Their openly anti-simitism reminds me of the routine and publicly announced anti-simitism and hatred constantly being spewed from the left, the haters who hate their feared opposition.

You simply practice a different kind of hate speech, and innuendo, but your too blind and narcissistic to understand that.

So, instead of indirectly demonizing and insulting at least half of the country by proxy, individuals like you should personally be called out for what you are, and what you are hiding.

Lefty haters, bigots, and narcisissts take note;

 From your revered Godfather:

"We are belatedly beginning to understand this, to know that even if

all the low-income parts of our population were organized—all the

blacks, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Appalachian poor whites

—if through some genius of organization they were all united in a

coalition, it would not be powerful enough to get significant, basic,

needed changes. It would have to do what all minority organizations,

small nations, labor unions, political parties or anything small, must

do-—seek out allies. The pragmatics of power will not allow any



The allies in this case would be the mainstream media

There are no fundamental disparities between the races biologically, only genetic variation based on environment. Race means species and we have not been separated long enough genetically to speciate, which means your statement is 100% racist. Please provide contributions to the discussion, not racism or further trolling. You've been reported.

There's the pissy whyny paranoid fool himself. 

I have to hand it to you, there hasn't been a swamp like this for years in here.

The only good thing about what has happened here recently, is there are more balanced opinions, which at one time was unheard of in any reasonable proportion. What that tells me is that people like you are still part of the problem, certainly not any solution.

Eat shit!

I'm afraid of the current political climate as a human being. tRump and his cronies want a white, male dominated, Christian America and no one else is safe.


Absolutely, positively, 100% not even a little afraid. To be quite honest with you.  The media is fear-mongering more often than not. Everyone, EVERYONE, is pushing their own agenda. I left the Left a long time ago when I realized they made me feel more oppressed than I ever actually was. And frankly, after doing so, I've never felt more liberated and free in my entire life.

The reason why I mention this is because minorities are being backed into a corner, not by the Right, not by the Christians, but by their own. And everyone knows that when you back a mouse into the corner, they will attack. And that's the goal here. The goal is to get us to fight among each other by saying side A is oppressing and hurting side B, ... then the side B attacks side A (often physically), and side A fights back... All the while, side Z (posing as side B's Champions) is sitting back reaping the rewards of the mess they've caused.

The only reason anyone in this country started burning others at the stake, is if we let them by becoming the pawns that side Z wants us to be. I'm sorry you think Evangelical Christians are going to start stoning you to death or burning you at the stake. But, it's not going to happen. I'd be more concerned with Sharia Law taking over this country, because now that would be a way that we would be killed for having a different belief system. In Saudi Arabia, for example, a woman named Amina bin Salem Nasser was beheaded in 2011 because she was practicing "Witchcraft and Sorcery." They have a hotline to report people you suspect of using witchcraft. Amina was simply a local healer of sorts. She was found guilty by the highest court in Saudi Arabia, based on what Sharia Law would describe it as, and was sentenced to death by beheading. Now imagine what it would be like to not be accused of being a witch, but proudly proclaiming yourself to be one. Sure, in America we might get silly looks, mean comments, or scoffed at... but in some places, that's a luxury compared to what actually happens. Witchcraft is a capital offense in Sharia Law.

If you want to be worried about the next Salem Witch Trials in America, then be worried about Sharia Law, not Donald Trump, or the Republicans, the Right Wingers or even the Christians.


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