Are you afraid of the current US political climate as a Pagan?

With the recent emergence of evangelical christianity in the United States, the rise in fascism and hate groups across the US and Europe, especially within Pagan circles, the increased use of concentration camps of migrants and family separation policies, and the legal limitations on women's bodies and choices, are we, as a non-christian community and vulnerable demographic, afraid that evangelicals and lawmakers will turn on Wiccans and Pagans in a manner that will mimic the Burning Times, World War II, or worse?

I've studied as an anthropologist. I'm not doing this for work, class, publishing, or fame. I'm curious about the current attitudes in our neck of the woods. I'm curious if anyone else is as afraid as I am.

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UPDATE: I'd like to thank all of the participants in this thread who contributed to the discussion. Your responses here have been fascinating, to say the least, to read and ponder and to provide a somewhat decent perspective of current attitudes within this particular group of Pagans. I appreciate your ability to stay on topic, mostly, and to be kind, caring, and respectful to fellow Pagans. Thank you.

To those who were not the aforementioned adjectives, please know and understand that we are all Pagan here and that regardless of political or religious beliefs/paths, or ability to troll, we must stand strong to protect each other. Otherwise, we're no different from those warring christian tribes who do, in fact, hate us. Thanks again to everybody who participated.


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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't really out to get you.

Are they out to get you? Just collecting some data here...

Of course They are. They have nothing else to do.

That is actually a very good point, they have nothing else to do, except challenge other peoples way of life and beliefs. 

It's all a form of racism really, pagan hating Christians or Muslims hating christians, just hate fuelled by ignorence, no one has the right to say another does not have the right to live because there Christian, Muslim Jew, or pagan.

If people just focused on living their own lives without trying to dictate what every one else should be doing the world would be a much nicer and safer place.

I refuse to meet hate with hate, I meet hate with pity.

Fear is far too gentle a word. I believe that the vast majority of Americans are terrorized. what terror is it that makes our elders sacrifice their entire life savings in a matter of months or days near the end of life? What are we doing to our children by allowing them to inform themselves that our President is a Nazi? How can we expect our young adults to even want to procreate when they know that the world is getting more inhospitable by the day because of horrid policies? I and most others live in abject terror that the burning times have re-emerged. The fact that X-tians are perpetrating the lie that it is they who are under attack proves that they can only see the world through a bizarre form of projection.

I have always expected that I will be killed and become a martyr, so I am not worried about myself at all, it is our children, the elders and the most vulnerable among us that I fear will be hurt.

Louder for the people in the back...!

Louder, please...!

I do not believe that the political climate will ever get bad enough that we will have to worry. Our beliefs will not be suppressed. The Constitution and bill of rights our allies and we should never forget that. The President will not let it happen. The hypocrisy of the extremist groups has been revealed. Calling our great country horrible when it was this country and its policies that gave them a chance and ability to rise to a position of power is proof of the hypocrisy. Let's not give in to fear or hatred. Remember that it isn't knowledge that causes tragedy, pain, and hardships. It's ignorance that is. Be brave, my friends. We will all be safe.
?!?!?! Women's rights, once a woman is pregnant it's no longer HER body, and really consentration camps, do some research outside of liberal media, I got into paganism because it was supposed to be learned, intelligent adults, over the last 10 years it has become a haven for rebelling children and adults with mental disorders, I'll worry about the future of paganism if liberals get their way, the type of thinking in this post is a sign the we as a community need a wake up call

I have read this article and the findings were absolutely eye opening. The Young Turks did an episode on it as well that was very enlightening.


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