Some background: I am apart of the Tumblr community. Someone on Tumblr impersonated a person I follow and used appropriation and racism to “create” a group of witches called “wyldwitch.” I didn’t read the whole argument, but I was filled in on all the blanks by the which that was impersonated. This same witch has been a witch for most of her life and has experience and not just knowledge. After Inquiring about “wildwitches” as I wasn’t sure if it was a real group being bashed around or not. Well, I found out that really, it’s not and she also just “heard” of it about a week ago. She then encouraged me to educate myself in other crafts so I may go as far as becoming a founder of a new craft under the name of (Wild Witchcraft or) Wild Craft.

I’m utterly giddy at the idea. I’m actually new to the idea of witches with specific labels and I’m drawn to live some type of specific lifestyle, but nothing really calls to me. As a hunter and forest lover, I see this as a perfect opportunity to open a new world to those like me; people who are witches, but not necessarily all giddy over just plants and have a better affinity to the animals of nature. Not sure if there’s anything out there that already fits this or not, so if there is, smack me and educate me now!

Wanna help me, please with sugar on top? I would like to learn from those who practice honestly in their day-to-day lives with experience enough to help me cram some knowledge. I have a Book of Shadows (I call it that, but usually I just call it Book since BoS sounds too Wiccan and I’m not hehe) so I’ll be writing everything down as I learn, since obviously it’s a little difficult to just magically retain huge masses of info and remember it. My boyfriend has also agreed to help me with the basic hunter/nature part of it since he gets the basic ideals behind witchcraft even though he doesn’t know much about it. Good enough for me, because I can’t do this by myself. I need some push, some encouragement. I find this a perfect opportunity to do something extreme and maybe, just maybe, see it to the end and better myself along the way.

Anyone else in support of this, even though they may not be able to contribute?

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"If everything stayed as an original, all with a single name, would half of what you do or have exist?"

Actually yes it would exist. You see it all existed long before people put labels on it.

If you wish to learn animal magic, I could of taught you a few things. But it seems to me, your out for glory and not education.

Just my opinion you understand.

Yes, JUST your opinion. If you knew me, you'd know I could give a shit less about glory. I'm just excited. You see, this idea excited me. I just wanted something to do with myself besides sit here staring at a computer screen or a TV screen or work. You know, something that got me involved with intellectual people so I could learn whether or not the idea actually worked.

But hey, I'm just looking to be glorified.

I feel like you guys aren't necessarily getting what I'm trying to dig at. 

Is there a single form of witchcraft that focuses solely on the hunter aspect? Yes, there are forms of witchcraft that have some focus on animals and such, however, the majority of what I have seen from people like hedge, green, etc witches don't have a main focus of the animals. At least, nothing that is open to white cracker butts who are too mutted up for a specific culture or religion, like me. 

I'm not trying to do this magically, I'm seeking help for the sole purpose to not mess up hardcore. And what's wrong with trying? Even if I fail, it'd be fun to try, to learn along the way about everything so I can not only try this, but be an educated, knowledgeable human being.

So what's wrong with that?

I can happily find a whole new name for it beside "Wild witchcraft" or "Wild crafting." From what I have been told, however, the terms were loose. But hey, I said I wanted to learn, so you know. 

I think Ronaele Bell got the gist. Nothing quit fits. It's why I'm also sitting as a "non-specific" and "unlabeled" religious pagan. I have resorted to a general term just to get by because there's literally nothing out there that fits me. Plus, paganism and witchcraft both interest me enough that I've actually been trying to study things. Whether I believe or not doesn't even matter when I study everything.

I have to ask, how does your finding a religious label as a pagan have to do with what craft you follow?

It was a comparison of sorts.

You're too hung up on "labels". A label is something someone (or many someones) give something (or themselves) because they can't stand to just accept that "it is what it is". What you're asking for doesn't exist under any other guise but "Witch". Period. All these "labels" are new age bs because society can't conceptualize without compartmentalizing.

A Witch works with EVERYTHING around them. They may have an affinity toward the fauna more than the flora, but herbs, etc. are still used in their works in some manner or another. When you cook that which you've hunted for example, you add herbs & seasonings. You've invoked the Hunter in your hunt, you invoke a Hearth deity when you cook.....whether you do so consciously or not, this occurs. Because you are a Witch. It's a natural part of you. It's who you are, not what you are.

Give up your senseless search for a "label", but if you can't then just make one up. You're not a Hedge Witch or a Hearth Witch or a Cottage Witch or a Green Witch. But you may apply certain aspects of each in your Path, as well as aspects of others as well. It's human nature to do things instinctively as well as that which is learned, accepted, adopted & adapted.

Go your own Path and don't worry about what "labels" you think others need to make your Path "sound valid". It's yours. All yours. And only you can walk it.


Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center

Look, if you don't like labels, than that's you. I don't care if you think having a name for what you do is wrong. I enjoy the idea, and apparently, new age or not, it is sorta modern times not the 1400s, so things change as the days go on. You can accept the difference your deny like you already are and get worked up for no reason.

You realize you say deity like every witch has one, and they don't. And for that, I have to take most of what you say with a grain of salt. I'm sorry. While part of your point is valid and I agree, I'm still going to do my "senseless" journey.

Thanks for your input.

It's yours. All yours. And only you can walk it.

Totally agree with you, being a Witch is within you, it's a part of you.

Witchcraft is a life long path and for me, labels are unimportant because my journey encompasses many studies and goes into many varying directions.


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