Is the thought of pagans begging troubling?


How would the society you live amongst react to overt pagan begging?


Types of begging could be door to door solicitation, street pan handling, off ramp window washing, or even huckster busking with an accordion while wearing a pentacle clad panda bear custom.


Whatever scenario you can imagine a pagan beggar begging in, would it bother you?


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In most cases, beggers don't want the money for what they are asking for it for....unfortunately.

There are MANY charities that can help those in need.

I find a lot of the homeless (in Toronto at least) to be on some kind of intoxicant they are panning for. If they ask for food, and I am feeling charitable, I'll offer to buy their meal for them. (sure they can then use their food money for intoxicants, but they'll do it either way.... some/most will starve themselves just to get least they have both this way)

Most that can make me laugh, I'll 'tip'. Or even if they are honest with me about where they plan to use the money.

Now, as for them being Pagan... can't they just cast a spell to get what they want?? lol j/k ;)

However, if they announce their 'Pagan-ness' I can see others not wanting to give based on stereotypes and fear....


It is perfectly understandable that a homeless begging person needs for instance alcohol. It is actually the most realistic need one can have in such a situations. No one will show up and give them a place to stay, a person who loves them and work just like that.

No one will show up and give them a place to stay, a person who loves them and work just like that.

There are many charitable organizations that will take care of, at the very least, shelter and usually a meal to go with it. There are soup kitchens that will travel like the Salvation Army. There are centers that will help you to get a job, like the Goodwill program. If you can manage to hold the responsibility of the schedule they require. (Which is typically going to put them into the mainstream day shift) There are places that offer support groups and counselling (and yes, for free...) Society is there for those that want to help themselves get on their feet. Of course there is good ole Welfare if they can take on the responsibility of showing up for appointments, and job searching. There are even groups that will offer personal support workers to help you stay on track. The centers that cater to these needs will have people there that are meant to be opened up to. They will try to steer you in the right direction. Help you get your ID if you have none. Offer you whatever it is to make you mentally sound enough to help yourself.

All I'm saying, is there are many many other options to getting on your feet. Most choose not to use these methods for whatever reason/excuse they can come up with.


"It is actually the most realistic need one can have in such a situations"

Alcohol is not a NEED. An extreme want, sure, but not a need. To call alcohol a need and to call it a realistic need, Marie you are either getting confused with a translation, or you need a reality check. Alcohol can be considered medication, in the eyes of the addict. Self medication, sure is not considered a need. Not by myself, nor by any drs.... If it was a need, they'd provide you with it in jail.... and last I knew alcohol is banned in jails ;) (and is frowned upon by a lot of societies, for that matter) Now if you were a heroin addict they put you on methadone, and yes that is give in jail to prevent withdrawls. There is a similar substance they use for alcoholics for withdrawl (benzodiazepines)

A lot of homeless are rebels who don't take on responsibility for themselves, but rather lay that responsibility on society to continue to take care of them.... some just need to learn when it's time to grow up and accept responsibility IMO

But again, if they are honest about their want or if they can make me laugh I'll help em out with what they ask for. But the majority aren't honest..... just sayin....

There was a homeless woman in Toronto. She lied and said she was unable to work, she said she had the shakes really bad. Here is a copy and paste of an article about her.

Those of us in Toronto remember the case of the "Shaky Lady" who, in real life neither shook nor was not much of a lady. By resorting to her routine of sitting on street corners and appearing to shake uncontrollably, it was estimated that she raked in over $2,000 a week. At the end of her busy days, she wound her way home to her apartment where she lived with her husband and large screen television set. Her exposure by a reporter forced her to flee Toronto to La Belle Province, where, in an ironic twist of fate, she was discovered by the Toronto reporter who broke her story while he took a leisurely stroll down a Montreal street.

The Shaky Lady was not the usual run of the mill panhandler but there are probably more Loren Campbells out there than we realize. Toronto, because of the generosity of its citizens has always been regarded as a good place to beg for money. And that is not likely to change anytime soon.

This reporter covered her story and felt genuinely bad for her. Fate stepped in and showed him the truth...


I can definitely say, that as a busker, I am no common beggar.


I have a nice house, a reliable car, a phone, etc. I may be a bit short on spending cash at certain times,but I get by.


And a good chunk of my money comes from the park in the summer, as a juggler, the rest of the year, I  entertain for private parties, festivals etc. It beats the hell out of punching a time clock.


I know of good friends of mine that have quit otherwise profitable careers to be full time buskers because the money is damn good, if you are good.


I get kinda irritable when busking gets thrown about in the same sentence as begging and the implied homeless. I've dealt with law enforcement over it. It's not the same thing. 

I'm sure there are homeless or beggars that try to call their panhandling busking, but many places have ordinances requiring permits and the like to counter that. 

Busking does not automatically mean beggar.


/end rant



So .... wtf is busking?



It's kind of an archaic term for street performer. Any one usually performing an artistic trade for the public in exchange for tips or donations. It covers street musicians, jugglers, circus acts etc. Really, the only thing that separates us (as buskers) from other artists is our choice of venue.

So, you are street performers? That ... seems more like begging with a talent attached. No, that makes it tips. You get tips for performing?



Is it begging then, when you tip the band /musician that is performing at a bar, or at a cafe?


Same thing, different venue.


I choose to perform outdoors, to offer entertainment to those wandering by. I don't accost them, or really ask them for anything. I'm out there for love of my art, if someone wants to drop a few bills in my box, awesome.


I also book private events, like parties or festivals. I know of guys doing restaurant gigs, going table to table doing card or coin illusions. 


It's not a traditional wage living, but it's the art I love, and I am not a beggar. I have a home, I have internet, I have a car. I have no reason to BEG for money.

Why would it be any different if it was a pagan beggar or a non pagan one? I have passed by many beggars and to be truthful don't give to many of them. No offense, but I'm a single mother and have a hard time supporting myself and my daughter. The last thing I need to do is give my money to someone else. I have come across hard times myself and it has not been easy at times, but I had to buck up and pull myself out of a bad situation and stop feeling sorry for myself and get my but back in gear. I have been homeless and with a child so I don't tend to play into the pitty party that many beggars throw at passers by. I don't mean to sound bitchy but that is my opinion on the topic. As for whether or not they are pagan, that really doesn't change my opinion on the issue of begging. There is a difference between begging and asking for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but you don't get the help you need by begging on a street corner. You got to swallow your pride and knock on a few doors. Doesn't matter if you're pagan, christian, buddist, jewish or anything else. Help doesn't come to you by sitting on your butt!




I have mixed feelings on beggars...on one hand there are people who are in desperate need of some money to live off, people who have ended up on the street with nothing.  But on the other hand, (getting this from a book about modern nomadic people in the US) there are apparently many full-time nomads (by choice, not circumstance) who make a decent living from just begging.  

I don't really think it makes a difference whether the beggar is Pagan or not, but one thing that does annoy me is the people who have a religion to promote, and want money off you.  You get loads of them in the centre of Edinburgh, every time I go I'm stopped by them!  If you do give them money to get them to go away, they often give you a book, and get you to shout "Gouranga!" with them!  They do drive me nuts....


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