Someone swears they saw me earlier today when I filled out some necessary paperwork, but I didn't leave the house today until 3:00.  When I got to work, I noticed the paperwork I needed had been done already, and another woman swears I came in at around 11:00 and did it.  I told her maybe it was yesterday, but she says that wasn't possible, because apparently it was only printed off today.  This is a woman who does not seem very into spiritual matters and is unaware of my Pagan beliefs.

She could just be mistaken, but it is weird because around the same time, I was sitting at home thinking strongly about astral projection and bi-location, and I had also considered going in early and finishing this paperwork along with a couple of other things.

But it did make me wonder: Can people be productive during bi-location, or is it just like being passively present in second place?

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People can be productive during bilocation, it’s happened before.


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