Yes, there's a story coming... please read on. 

I have had this interest in learning more about blood magick, starting from learning about protection. But I have never had anyone to teach me about such things, and have always just relied on everything else I've learned mixed with my intuition, common sense, and of course need. All of this is driven by both curiosity and the desire to help a dear friend. 

Until my bigger questions have been answered satisfactorily, I've been sticking with little things, for practice, if you will. 

The latest adventure in using a bit of my blood in some cooking for a magickal purpose has worked out wonderfully. It found fruition immediately, and perhaps travelled back in time to manifest as well. So that is the good part. 

The bad part is that I suck at getting blood out of myself without a major gash or major mishap. For the collection for the above story. I tried three times to make small cuts to the outer base of my thumb on my receptive hand. Seems like no big deal, but they would NOT give so much as a drop. (Maybe I should have taken two aspirin a few hours before??) 

So I moved to a more tender area - my forearm, just above the wrist. The same nothing scratches still yielded nothing, so I kind of took aim, closed my eyes, and gouged at it quickly to avoid the pain. Well, it did hurt, maybe a LOT, and I was horrified to see an evil looking little mouth cut into my skin! It's a good 1/2" long, clean, and somewhere between 1/8" to 1/4" deep. Wayyyyy too deep for this! Even then, it took several minutes to bleed. I kept squeezing it shut (it was scary-looking, after all!), and then was able to collect a few drops from the blade of a knife used to scoop them up. 


So even all this is not the main question... It's just the background so the question would not be quite as random. 

It needed stitches, but embarrassed, I tried to tend it myself. It's been doing soooo well, everyhting knitted back together just as if there had been stitches (I tried to do like surgical tape), and was healing to a happy little pale lime until a couple of days ago. Then, I decided to remove the moisture barrier and bandage and let the water run over it in the shower. I got a good look at it and it's progress - It was really great.

But as I stepped out of the shower, it started to twinge and itch. I looked at it and the previously uninflamed tissue surrounding the healing cut was turning bright red.... at it appeared to be spreading. I freaked and bandaged it again, using pain-killing neosporin to dress it as that numbed the itch. 

Today, the bandage has been off all day in the hopes of drying out this bizarre little mystery-rash, thought the cut would do better and give less of a scar to keep it covered another week. Anyway, up close, the redness is ITTY BITTY BLISTERS! Like poison oak or poison ivy blisters. At first I thought it was the hive of an allergy, but this is no hive, and it's still here. 


So, does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about any of this? any advice on incorporating my own blood into my own magick and ritual, now to get a nice clean drop without gouging yourself like I did, and finally what this little psycho rash now might be? It's just kind of alarming because it couldn't have come from anywhere that I can detect. It was so well protected, with ZERO infection of the cut. A perfect mend. Until this. Oh and it itches to beat the band like poison ivy, too!

Please share any thoughts, ideas, resources, instructions, or stories that you think might be relevant, helpful, useful, interesting, or simply on topic. 

Thank you very much in advance!

P.S. Wasn't sure which category this should go under... I don't think it's a COMMON question, but it is a serious one, so I hope this is ok. Thanks. BB.

P.P.S. Here's a photo of the malady taken tonight. The cut itself is drying out too badly, but I was trying to dry out the rash as well. Hard to heal one and hurt the other... Anyway, it's hard to see without the light just right, but here you can kind of make out the natures of the blisters. 

Thank you anyone who can help with this, or knows what's going on.

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It does look like an infection. If you can't get it checked by a doctor, use hydrogen peroxide to clean it out and try to rid yourself of the infection. If stitches are not an option, I would use butterfly bandages to seal the wound and still allow it to get air. However, it would probably be best to see a doctor.

Now, the next time you need blood, try the finger stickers that people use to check their blood sugar level. They are much more convenient and a lot less trouble.
Without something to provide a sense of scale it is hard to say how bad it is, but I am thinking that is infected and might need antibiotics. High thee hence to a physician and get it checked out, and probably some neosporin for the night. Also for future use I might suggest sticking yourself with a big pin or needle, of if you can find it a lancet made for just that purpose. I do not know what diabetics use for drawing blood for their tests but you might be able to use the same thing.
Butterfliesugar, please no slashing of the wrist for blood use a pin or needle and be patient in letting the blood come to the surface ok.
Now that cut is infected, so get yourself to the doctor for antibotics.
I wondered if it could be from the bandaid, as the blisters appeared literally within 30 seconds of removing the bandaid... one moment not there, look away, feel the itching, and there it was.

Maybe the adhesive on the bandaid rubbed the cut as I was removing it? I know I am allergic to bandaid adhesive, but it's never done anything like THAT before, and I didn't think it touched... but maybe if that's what it looks like to you too... It just never blistered before - always only redness and tenderness, no itching or blisters.
Hon, you don't want to keep cutting yourself. Not only is it painful, but eventually it will become so infected that something happens, like a simple cut on the foot did to my father. (he lost use of his legs due to infection)

I am a diabetic, and I use lancets. When my blood sugar is higher my blood is thicker, therefore harder to squeeze out. Try eating after, not before, your big cut fest. This includes any drinks with sugar in it. A little drop will do nicely, no need for big gashes. Also, a needle prick is less visible than a gash.

Why not collect menstrual blood too? Esp if your menses comes during a full moon. A woman is supposedly at her peak of power then. It's been used for a long time, and even put in food. blech. Pasta, anyone?

Did you properly clean the wound before you dressed it? If not, there might be infection caught inside. Go to a doctor. If you are worried about what they'll say, tell em you had a sink of dirty dishes, didn't realize it was blade up by a pot or something. Get checked out....
Yes, by all means if you have a monthly (or so) naturally-occurring bleeding, I say use that. (Not such a "woman's curse" if you can try to see it like that, I guess...And you can.)

I used to self-mutilate, but I've basically just stopped and, if I can even get myself to do it at all, I save it solely for my Magick.

For various reasons, I prefer to use my own Ejaculate over blood, though both mixed would surely be very powerful. know it's all, a la Chaos Magick, really only personal preference, right? That you don't *have to* use Blood in Magick, EVER - unless *maybe* a very trustworthy spirit has told you otherwise.

There's a very small but I think helpful book called, if memory serves me right, simply "Blood Magick" and it's by "Seth," an author with one name. So you know it's good, heh.

I SWEAR it's not infected! There are tiny blisters surrounding it, that ITCH. But the cut itself is healing... That is 1/2 inch in length of the cut part, for scale. I measured.

And thanks for all the advice about the finger sticks. I'll try to find some... Clearly I'm not very good with small knives!
You just need to sanitize that cut and it will be fine. Blood magick is great for empowerment spells and all sorts of well… pretty much anything. If you need an extreme boost of energy in you spell practice I always suggest it and use it myself. Personally I use semen and blood. You can use you menses dif you wish to but honestly I’m sure there are those who would argue with this but I don’t think it to be the same. Sure its “blood” but it is menses and I think of it as a different element. Powerful but different. I have always had great luck with needles and knives. Some people don’t bleed the same, I have no problem with it but my buddy does. Maybe you should try taking a few shots of something strong and let it course through your veins first and then cut yourself. Also don’t forget there is always animal blood you can use, buy a chicken and do what you do to it. That however may be a different topic all together. Best of luck.

Thanks, Patrick. Maybe I should go back to just using saliva! The problem with menstrual blood is that I only menstruate a few times a year... I'm not exactly keen on waiting months at a time for that.

Actually, my personal purpose with this is to add more of my own personal vibrational energy... like an attunement from me to my work. So a chicken would serve no purpose here. I also have an ethical issue with that, and would not feel comfortable stealing blood from anyone else... even a chicken. Call me silly, but that's just me. :)

Thanks though!
Just a thought. Using blood ties you to whatever magic you're doing in a real powerful way, but you can substitute other things for blood, like hair, fingernails, skin, and menstrual blood. Cutting yourself all the time is not healthy, and if you got into the Dr's office or hospital for any reason they may think you're a cutter for other reasons, and be forced to do counseling or even a short stay at the mental health clinic. Blood magic should be a rare thing, for consecrating tools or for when you want to tie something to yourself. You can achieve the healing affects you're looking for by other means.

And you said you put your blood into food... I really hope you were the only one who ate it (if it was eaten), or that you didn't give that to somebody without their knowledge of it's content. It's really bad form to work magic on someone without their consent, even if it's to help them, and it's REALLY screwed up to trick them into eating your blood. Not saying that's what you did, but I feel a disclaimer is warranted. There is potential risk in consuming blood and spellwork manipulation, and you should be aware of them.

And yeah, with that cut, if you feel heat coming from it, if it gets pussy or gets redder, or if you start to feel sick, go to a DR right away. Aside from that, soak it in saline (salt water), it'll help draw any nastiness out.


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