So seratonin is the brain checmical that 'makes us feel happy', melatonin makes us sleepy, oxytocin apparently makes us bond and fall in love.  How do you feel about human experience being boiled down to merely neurotransmitters being produced/taken up in the brain?  Do you feel that there has to a spiritual component too?  Or do you think that taking such a view is being overly sentimental?

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I like that Beat

And on the other hand, chemicals can influence the Spirit, and true recognition can sometimes be misunderstood and lost within chaos, considering that the brain and Spirit combine to form a union.

William Deep said: "Consciousness creates form"


...and this can generate another thought through personal experience:

Personally, I have left my  constraints of this body as my Spirit Self.  I have also had the grand experience of sharing my Spirit within another person's shell, where their Spirit also resided.   We bonded for a short time, but we shared the same Physical body...but this still was an experience with not creating form, but of sharing an existing form.

  I have also traveled to separate Dimensional Planes, in my Spirit Form.  In some of my travels, I have been able to shape shift and call upon extraordinay strengths to my advantage, and I can say  in these cases that My "Consciousness created form", as was suggested.  However, one must consider the differences in possible hindrances that one can achieve to conceive within the boundaries of one's environment.  The Physical Realm, that we know of as our reality, has such limitations in that our Consciousness does not necessarily 'create' form, but that our Consciousness can share form.

...and these thoughts are based on the subject matter at hand that considers the Spirit and the flesh on our recognized Physical Plane of Reality.

i don't think it's all chemicals in the brain, i think the chemicals just help us perform regular body functions and we fall in love so we can have children, but i think without the chemicals we could still survive and use rational thought
So what do you think about depression then?  Illness of the brain (i.e. chemical imbalance) or illness of the soul??
it is, though possibly triggered by real life events, its does boil down to brain chemistry, which is why pills work, sometimes. we dont know exactly how our brains work, and probably won't for a very long time, but for now we know enough to help at least some people
it could be a sickness of the brain or the soul... either if we have a chemical imbalance in our brains, or if our soul is Lost, confused and unfulfilled. well that's my take on it

So what do you think about depression then?  Illness of the brain (i.e. chemical imbalance) or illness of the soul??


Neither, both, depends entirely on the individual addressed.  A certain fewer of those individuals are affected by brain chemistry than those whom are depressed because of social interaction (or lack thereof), and there is a preponderance of science to support that if you choose to read.

sometimes we take anti depression pills and we feel like we are not the same person we used to be, one of my friends would rather be depressed than take an anti depression pill because he felt like he was being himself when he was depressed, it wasn't natural the way the pills prevented his depression
Going off meds is so so dangerous, if your friend isn't happy with his prescription then he should talk about alternatives with his physician before deciding not to take his pills any more stopping cold turkey can lead to tragedies.
it's still a bodily function she wants to know if there is a spiritual aspect to how our bodies function... where does the electricity that runs through our bodies come from?
Chemicals in the brain are just part of the human machine we entered into when we chose to come to earth.. We are still spirits linked with One, and by finding and strengthening the bridge between our material existence and the infinite from which we are a part, it is easy for the chemicals to be transcended and for our true nature to flood in, unbound by human perception and categorization.


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