My beautiful wand!  My cat jumped up and knocked my quartz wand off the unit, it's broken into four pieces! It was a very thin clear quartz wand about a foot long, and it was my favourite crystal!
Does anyone know of any ideas of what to do with the pieces?  I don't want to just get rid of it or anything.

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maybe remake it into a mobile or a wind catcher?
Jewelry is a wonderful idea...but you could use the four crystals for healing also...
here is an interesting article for you to consider:

When Crystals Break

Sometimes a crystal will break. This may happen during a treatment, when the crystal is dropped, because of changes in the atmosphere etc. It can be quite a shock when one of the beloved crystals break which can make it more difficult for us to listen and tune in to the intuitive knowing of what the crystals needs and mission is now. Sometimes this happens as part of the release of energy during a treatment. My experience is that the parts continue to have a mission though that probably will have changed.

On other lists there have been a number of posts from different people in recent days about crystals that have suddenly broken .
There have been responses to these posts which seem to place blame shame and or announce this as an omen of worrisome dangers and
threats upon the crystal keeper or upon the world in general. Some people even suggested major exsorsimish type stuff I beg to differ (
actually I was going to say b--ls--t but that seems inelegant).

The posts from people whose crystal was broken started with statements like "I got out of the Hot shower and turned on the air
conditioning and Suddenly my crystal broke" , "I set my crystal on the sink counter and spilled my tea on it and suddenly my crystal broke "
"I dropped it onto the tile floor and suddenly my crystal shattered" and even It was over 100 outside so I came in and stood in the open
freezer and the crystal on my neck suddenly shattered " .well, DUH! This kind of thing does not indicate emotional chaos nor portend disaster
it reflects the nature of crystal which can indeed shatter when exposed to sudden changes in temperature and or when struck upon hard objects.
Common sense might have prevented these occurrences but sometimes crystals break even when you have taken excellent care of them and they
have not been put under any stress physical or psychic. Crystals often have cracks and bubbles etc and react to subtle changes in atmospheric
pressure etc. I hope that we all look first for ordinary causes in this and other situations rather than first leaping to the conclusion
that the sky is falling .

I have had crystal break sometimes when my life has been stressful , sometimes when the crystal has been working a lot and just as often for
no apparent reason at all . It happens. Sometimes it seems that the crystal simply has more missions and has in effect become two or more
crystal beings. I do not usually bury the pieces though sometimes with tiny fragments they seem to want to be in the garden I do not engage in
major purification rituals not rites of repentance as some on these other lists have suggested.

Some people think that when a crystal breaks it means that the crystal has "died" or that it is an omen of some difficulty ahead others think that the crystal may have absorbed too much energy and or been overworked. Others feel that a crystal has broken at a time of great change and transition in their livesand point out that transition to them.

Many of the older crystal healing books and magickal stories would have it that a broken crystal must be burried in earth or discarded in running water. My experience differs and I strongly feel that these drastic reactions are nor needed nor in the best interest of the people and crystals involved .
While some teachers say that the points must be perfect and un marred that has not been my experience as far as minor chips and breaks. In
fact chipped crystals may help you with more healing , compassion and sensitivity than "perfect" ones . We ourselves are chipped and dinged
and effected by our passage through life.This is part of the process of spiritual evolution for all beings.

The crystal is not ruined and does not usually need to be buried or anything like that.

Sometimes a crystal will break so that it can be shared with other people and has broken/split into brother/sister crystals so the each person involved can have the presence of that crystal being.
Sometimes a crystal has shattered and the pieces may be placed in a garden or woods etc. if that really feels like what you are guided to do . I've known people who felt guided to take crystal fragments to places of historic battles or place them in graveyards etc. where they will continue to work on the healling of the energies and of the people who come to the area.

When crystals break
Many of the older crystal healing books and magickal stories would have it that a broken crystal must be burried in earth or discarded in running water. ... - Similar
Thanks, that's really helpful :)
Thanks everyone for yoour ideas, I am stiill pretty gutted about it breaking, but I'll have a think over what I'd like to do with it. There's some pretty sharp edges on the pieces so perhaps not jewellery though...
I'm new to Pagansim but I've been doing some research and have seen people use selenite for cleansing of silver and tarot. Perhaps you could use the quartz for cleansing?
Good idea :) thanks
love the jewelry idea.. and the healing idea... but heres a thought.. the cat broke it.. needed to get up there for some reason.. the cat might have been warning you or needed help.. maybe fashion some of it into a amulet for the kitty collar... just my 2 cents.
I love the Sun Catcher/Wind Chime/Jewlery idea. If the edges are too sharp why not take some sanding paper to the really sharp edges. I know I have a crystal hanging from my rear view mirror in my car. And my little sister and I are making "Magickal" wreaths for the fellow witches in our lives as Yule Gifts, Crystals would be an amazing addition to those. Lots of crafty ideas! Good luck.

make two peaces in to ear rings and one in to a neacklace and the other in to a healing stone to carry with you when you are away from home or maybe keep it in your car so its always with you because you may never know when you might need it .....

blessed be


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