My opinion on this is that he's full of it. He does not have the authority to say who is or is not a real Witch whether they curse/hex or not. I am a witch, if you cross me the wrong way you're gonna get it fired back at you. You simply can't approach everything with this "fluffy bunny love & light" bull crap.

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He has the right to his opinion just like you do. His opinion does have weight because of who he is. I don't care really one way or another. I don't believe in hexing. I think it's just trying to make themselves feel better when crossed, but hey if you want to go for it.

He has a right to it his opinion, however he does not have a right to say anyone is or isn't a Witch. Yes, hexing or cursing is a way to make someone feel better when they've been crossed, I don't think that's necessarily wrong. I'm not gonna curse someone for cutting me off in traffic, but if you rape my bestfriend or kick my dog, or do something else of that nature I'm gonna respond to it. Could I just call the police and let them handle it? Yea, I suppose.....But sometimes people slip out of receiving a fitting punishment when they've truly wronged someone & since it would be illegal for me to walk up & punch them for being a jack ass I will retaliate magically.

No, he has the right to say whatever he wants. If it makes you feel better cursing someone it's in you,but I don't believe magic works that way. It's my opinion. I think it's a form of self stimulation in a way, a psychological bandage for those who can't deal.

If he has a right to say it he can't very well get upset when people disagree, which he did. This freedom of opinion thing goes both way.

Of course. You have to remember that he is a well known name in the pagan community. As I said his opinion has weight with all lot of people. He clearly offended you,but many would follow his word.

I don't know if I'm full blown offended, I just don't like the idea of someone saying "You're not a real (blank) even though you say you are"....It's like someone walking up to me & saying I'm not a real woman because (insert whatever reasoning they have)....It would bother me no matter who said it. Perhaps I allow his opinion to bother me too much, but I don't like the idea of being called a "fake" just because I do something he doesn't approve of. I wouldn't shame someone for not hexing or cursing even though I'm okay with doing it.

I understand but I think you should shrug it off if you don't agree with it. Who is he to you? No one. You should treat it as such.

I suppose you're right.

Oh yeah?  Who or what organization grants him such rights?  Weight?  Self-appointed, over-blown, marketeer for profit.  Not like he's holding people by the hands and guiding them for free yanno?  Since we are expressing OPINIONS here, I'd say this guy wouldn't recognize an actual magical act if it fell from the sky and landed on his head.

We just had a thread on this whole topic...still around here somewhere...

But yeah , I am more the hexen , lock and load , rock and roll variety

of a Dark Faery practitioner when it comes to that...

But just for you , Moon Rae...have a good day !

I must have missed that thread, I looked back a little ways to see if someone had already posted about it but didn't see anything. Probably didn't go back far enough.

I don't think it was about Buckland himself ,

but it was about the witches cursing ...

No problem...;)


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