My opinion on this is that he's full of it. He does not have the authority to say who is or is not a real Witch whether they curse/hex or not. I am a witch, if you cross me the wrong way you're gonna get it fired back at you. You simply can't approach everything with this "fluffy bunny love & light" bull crap.

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Blessed be

  Oh Ray is for real!  Quite real. And having known Ray Buckland for over 40 years, he is a knowledgeable and talented teacher and author.  Now does that mean your always going to agree with him -- absolutely not.

Ray wouldn' t want that.  But he does deserve respect and consideration just as anyone should. With his long history and understand of this entire pagan and wiccan movement for decades - he just might be someone you might want to pay attention to.

                                                                 MarcusAgrippa1   aka Nestor

I believe myself, to read and listen and watch everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

Then take what feels good and right and true for myself, and dump the rest.

Easy as pie IMO!

No need to bash anyone IMO!

"OH CRAP"!!! Dose that make me a fluffy Bunny?

As with most debates in this modern age, people take very little time to consider this or any other issue from any perspective other than their own.  With or without actual facts, the current response is to become defensive and indignant without a thought to the approach another opinion might take.  Hex, don't hex.  If it works for you, then fine.  But, taking personal offense makes me question someones personal comfort with their own belief system, rather than agreeing that others may see it differently based on their own beliefs.  He said it.  Don't agree or don't like it?  So what.  Carry on.

So if I hex someone I'm no longer a witch? No, I think we get to decide that. we know the consequences (hopefully). Negative magick does exist, for sure.
There's some stuff in the complete book of witchcraft that made me kind of squirmy too. Buckland takes this authoritative stand as to speak for all witches.
He can have his opinion, and I can not like it.

Did not know that!

light and dark . fluffy and bullcrap....... are totally defined by the practitioner..   You are both are at a standoff.. Buckland believes you are full of it............... YOU believe Buckland is full of it.....    

He has written out a reasoned and supported paradigm based on his path and experience.

You have just stated 'your opinion' with no explanation and ranted about he has no authority.

Sounds as if you have self defined your path and have decided what you can do and what you can not and get upset whenever anyone questions or challenges your stance.

From what i understand of it .. Buckland is merely saying that those who fly off the handle and rant and rave and attack first are not real witches.

In some definitions a witch is a person who is aware of the world.. and of energies around them and by observing and studying their environment and the people around them have a connection which makes it appear that they do "magick"  whereas what they do is connect with resources and perceptions that are on a different level.  They are aware and act carefully being aware of the ramifications and results of their involvement.

methinks what YOU  believe as fluffy bunny love and light is very different than what  Buckland refers to.

the difference here seems to be that Buckland carefully and in detail explains his reasoning and results and perceptions.   

whereas you are reacting exactly how he states people who fling around curses and hexes.. "if you cross me the wrong way".. so   your definition of a wrong way..  is going to be very different than someone else.   

take a step back. look at the situation.. research.. meditate.. connect. is what I believe is being said.

whereas your response is.  OH HE IS FULL OF IT HE DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY.. well. umm at least he is full of a long established and reasoned stance.  

so far..  all i see is that you have just supported Bucklands stance . LOL nice job

For Buckland Witch and Wiccan were the same thing. I am from close to that era. My generation regards the Respectability of our Way as Important. I have met several Egotistical Newbies who think their opinion is that of GOD. Ray does not have the authority to say someone isn't . BUT he and I have the right to say That we do not accept  spell and curse crazy kids as part of the Way we Joined. ( not self declared Gods of Ego.  We actually Joined  ) I regard Spells , Curses and Hexes  as BAD PRESS that we do not need. For many Spells Etc. is a way toward becoming a Brat. If I do a spell once in five Years things are seriously out of whack. If you live rightly you have no need for them. It is not as Glamorous but it is much nicer in the long run


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