can anybody help me with these questions about who i am truly as a soul-being?

hi wasn't sure where to place this and if this is the wrong place sorry.

i guess before i ask my questions i better explain about myself better.

first off i am in this lifetime mildly learning disabled with abtract thinking problems,hand-eye cordation problems,ashama and living in a level of group home where all the staff does is give me my allergie med and my multi-vitamin i can do everything else myself.

i am also very gifted psychicly and can channel,heal,sense what people's true soul-self is like,astral travel and i'm also empathic.

now i can trace myself past life wise to around last age of atlantis. here is a list of who i am certain i was so far.

this list of course may not be in order

ben joseph the dreamer's youngest brother

arrarrat a scribe during the time of ra-ta


elam a gatekeeper for the second temple

king harold the first of england
robert the second earl of essex

admiral henry morgan

sir walter scott

robert louis stevenson

last lifetime morton harry blumemthal (edgar cayce's imfamous stock broker friend who got the most dream readings) and died in 1954 of a heart attack

so my questions are this

why do i of all people keep popping up in history to either help others or make myself known and two

why do i keep feeling like at times that one i'm not even human and finally why does this earth feel like it's not my home well universe.

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Those with awareness and memory have difficulty staying in one place and fully centering in the body. While you have many abilities and those abilities can be used to help others, one of your challenges is to be fully human and fully live this life. Tracking the time spirals can be fascinating and can assist with certain problems, but they can also be a distraction.

Each time spiral we enter is meant to be lived in the present moment. Focus on this life and fulfillment of the soul's desire for this particular time spiral. So understand that you have been here many times before, you have awareness and memory now decide what would make you the happiest in the here and now. What would you like to do with this particular time spiral? In order to find these answers you must allow yourself to fully center within this body and this life. Find your passions - perhaps that is helping others or perhaps not - simply because you have abilities does not require you to use them - you can do whatever you choose. Release the previous time spirals and choose now. Do not do so much travel (astral travel) that you lose sight of what is here. Delve deeply within yourself and you will find your answers. Travel too far out and beyond and you may be influenced by other sources. This is your life and your choice. Delving deep within and you will be able to heal those few problems you are having (including the learning disability) - these are indications that you are not fully centered within your body. Do not concern yourself with the feeling of not being human - you are human - we come from spirit and unless we fully embrace the human life, we will continue to have difficulty fully feeling this body and this physical realm. Work on you - you have the answers and one final note - take care with who and what influences you - many lose track of themselves because they are so aware.


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