Can fudementalist christian politicians make fair laws for non-christians?


   Hello Pagan Space family, I hope you and yours are well. I pay a lot of attention to current events here and around the world. In the past twenty or so years I have observed a sharp increase in christian fundamentalism and specifically evangelicalism. This pattern really did not disturb me until I noticed politicians, corporate executives and military officials expressing their very exuberant beliefs. This morning I was observing a community news program called Democracy Now, as they discussed the republican candidates for president and the overarching influence of christian ideology. What are the Pagan community's thoughts on our future in a country with a government so influenced by the christian fundamentalist lawmakers? I am somewhat sheltered and thus naive because New York has historically been liberal with spiritual and religious beliefs/practices. 


This is the link to the video.

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^Likes Tracey's reply.


I agree with you. Although for someone with the public service history and political knowledge that she has, to make it to a run for vice-president of the U.S. is a nightmare scenario.

All praises due to the system of checks and balances, lets not let a group of politicians rewrite those statutes for their benefit.

Tell that to the teachers who get harassed for teaching evolution... or to the abortion providers




In 1928 the Nazi Party won 2.8% of the vote and people also said they were laughable then too... a few years later they had control of the country. Many people regretted not taking them seriously.


And plenty of fundies are in positions of significant power... governors, senators, high military positions, and so on... that is not fringe... they have money, power, followers and are well organized.


They may not succeed, but they should most certainly be taken seriously.


Look at the demands successful and profiteering companies like Verizon are placing on workers.

Here is a useful link.


They cannot make fair laws period... and their power is growing


  I agree with you whole heartedly Draig, this is why I encourage folks from our community to participate in community organizations or work in grassroots movements. Take from the example of Starhawk in her book Webs of Power, pagans can effectively organize and do progressive works. 

I have often found refuge just knowing that the local police officer or store owner may be pagan. I have even met pagans that have served in the military.

I am not asking anyone to go all out and be like the whistle-blowers from wikileaks, but filling out petitions or letters at progressive websites helps.

Power is in the people (supposedly) I agree that the Mask of christianity that The Tea Baggers and GOP and Other Parties use is potentially dangerous. I think Since 911, Those in Power used that as go ahead to use religion even more to adress "The Enemies" of America. The Mideast oil war is a crusade to some. I Thik taking action is the best policy. We should be signing petitions, getting politically involved, and reminding people that we were supposed to be a country with a seperation of Church and State, no matter what Palin has said. lol 

I agree, getting active is key. I remember thinking it was a dark day when our former president said (in response to wiccans on the naval base protesting) That he didn't consider it a religion if it didn't have Jesus in it.. (probably paraphrasing) Not much later then that George W was elected. He also became born again. This all was political. 

Our government shouldnt be mixing politics with religion. When that happens, violence takes place. 

Christians don't bother me, it's ignorance and intolerance. I hope this whole situation gets better.


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