i was just wondering if anyone can help
my hubby lost his job recently and i want to help clear the way to finding another one that pays just aswell with maybe less hours (he was working 12-13 hr days)

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with the moon going into her waxing phase starting on the 24 th...i would use an orange candle for attraction...using the first letter of every word, inscribe on the candle what it is that you are asking for...then rub an oil that corresponds with what you are wanting as well...say a chant that will infuse your wishes into the candle, ending with so mote it be...thank the universe, the gods or goddess, whomever you are intune with...lite the candle and it is done...i hope this helps :)
thanks i will give it a go! need all the help we can get at the moment

how are you doing?
Seeing as I haven't really made many of my own candle spells yet, I thought I'd share one from D. J Conway's "little book of Candle Magic". I hope there's no copywrite infringement involved for doing this :P haha

"Candle spell for finding a new job:

You will need:

Candles: Straight or votive candles in the following colors:
1 black (break up blockages, remove negatives)
1 gold (fast luck, happiness) and
1 green (success, material gain)

Oil: Pine or peppermint.
Herbs: Dragon's blood or ginger.
Incense: Jasmine, peppermint or pine.
Stones: Carnelian and lapis lazuli.
Timing: On the full moon or waxing moon cycle.
Day to perform it on: Thursday.

Advice - No magical spell will work unless you do your part to help. This means you must actively seek a new job, not sit back and wait for it to fall in your lap.

Light the altar candles and the incense.
Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick; the others from the wick to the end.
Place the black candle on the left, the green in the center, and the gold on the right.
Put the carnelian between the black and green candles, and the lapis lazuli between the green and gold candles.
Light the candles in the same order as you set them out.

Say the following chant:
"Doors to new opportunities open before me.
No obstacles stand in my way.
Only the best employment comes to me.
Good luck draws a new day."

Sit for several moments, thinking of the type of job you want (or the job your husband wants, picture him at the job, working)
Leave the candles to burn out completely. Dispose of the wax afterward."

I hope this helps a little bit. You might have to alter the chant slightly so that it relates to your husband and not you.

im going to try this on thursday!!

it would be nice if a job was just dropped in my hubby lap (lol) cos all this sorry no jobs or thanks for your cv will let you know etc.... is doing us no good


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