Wouldn't it be nice if all of us who worship in pagan temples or sacred groves had such places specifically picked for it?


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I think that would be lovely!  Then again, if you dream it, I think you could build it. There's an idea.

There's a few Nordic temples in I think Iceland now. It's great.

This is something I think about a lot. I wish the Pagan community had more temples and shrines, both indoor and outdoor. They could have inner sanctums for priest/priestesses or initiates and an outer hall for general worshippers. Sort of like ancient Greek/Roman and Egyptian temples. I do think there should be more modern add-ons though such as space for communal worship, community meetings, and libraries/classrooms etc. If I ever became obscenely wealthy (any day now lol)  Id love to help different Pagan groups build sacred spaces.

I, too, daydream about that.  If I ever win a big lotto, I would buy land and build temples to thank the gods and open them up for worship.  Even in big cities.  Put paganism right back into the mainstream.  Someone walks past St. Patrick's cathedral and a mosque a block away, they'll be walking past a Corinthian Order temple as well.  

Agreed. Every major city could have Greek temples, Kemetic Temples, Hofs, Druid Groves etc. Would bring Pagan religion back to the mainstream in a way that Pagans could not otherwise hope of achieving. It would also make Paganism more attractive. Kind of a build it and they will come situation, if people would see beautiful public structures it would give legitimacy to the different Pagan paths and attract a larger following.

Unfortunately most Pagans shy away from the organizing that this would require. I know I am in the minority, but I think Pagan traditions would greatly benefit from more internal organization and a more central hierarchical leadership. I don't want the dogmatic closed-minded terror of the old Catholic Church but I think there is a happy medium between the do what you want anything goes mentality of modern paganism and the dogmatic spiritual slave mentality of so called "organized religions". But that's really a different topic so I will just let it go at that lol.

Surely public discovery didn't interfere with your worship?  Druids still go to Stonehenge to worship even with the public knowing about the place.

Nope, it would absolutely not bother me as long a the crowd stayed respectful and stayed back.  You want people to be curious.  I would have loved to have seen something like this when I was a kid.  Would have moved my conversion to paganism up a decade had I seen I was not alone.

And at least in my path, ceremonies were very public.

That's a lack of disrespect.  Respect is what I said was needed.  Everyone there for a 'party' should have been shown the door.  Would they interrupt a Christian baptism to party?  Keep your expectations high and make people adhere to them.  This was your ceremony, not theirs.

Can't say anything about the solemnity of your event.  In my path, every sacred ceremony has a profane one.

It is unfortunate that people use this special space in such a disrespectful way. I'm sorry for you and your coven. However the problem, in my own opinion, is not the curious. The problem is people who chose to be disrespectful. 

There was a time when Pagans had serious reasons to hid their religion, and some may still need to do so today, but in general I believe secrecy is holding back the healthy growth and development of Pagan traditions. We should be telling everyone who will listen about the great experiences that can be had, and the enlightenment, love, fulfillment, and plain old fun that can be found within the Pagan traditions.

What I said here applies only to Pagan religious/spiritual practice. I understand the secrecy required by magical/Occult groups due to the nature of magical practice. 


make yourself a little grotto in the woods, I did. I took my Honda weed eater, ..cleared myself out a spot , ..just off the path in the woods, put up my Buddha of compassion/ Regular Buddha, and roll up a yoga mat/ or rug, and carry my prayer beads and hike up there, not far from my house, let the woods be your 'spiritual center...the trees be your cathedral.  Ommmm..

I wish.  Mosquitoes that carry West Nile and Zika are around and fire ants are endemic.  


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