Inspired by the recent discussions on abortion and sexual mores, I'm curious if there are other Child-Free by Choice Pagans out there?

I've never had maternal feelings, and I'm certain that the gods forgot to put a battery in my biological clock. I was voluntarily sterilized almost five years ago using Essure. I was so happy my doctor would sterilize a nulliparous woman that I nearly kissed him on the mouth in gratitude (and he was damn cute too!).

Anyone care to discuss?

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I prefer animals as well. I veer more toward cats, but a dog with personality can win me over.
I was never going to get married or have children. That did not work out so well. I met my husband and three weeks later I was married. No matter how hard I tried not to get pregnant I did again and again. I used to joke he could stand across the room and wiggle his zipper and I was pregnant. Finally we saved up enough money for his remodel o what a great gift that was.

I have laughed reading this, many of the child-free people say the dogs keep them occupied. Every time some one tells me I need to get a dog I look at them and say I have 4 dirty noses and butts to clean up after why would I get a dog.

I still do not have the maternal feelings I love my children Teenagers are so much easier than babies. I can not wait until my job is done 6 more years and the last one leaves.

My thirteen year old daughter as already informed me she has no desire to ever have children. I hope she is better at it then I was.
Oh, honey, you mommy job never ends.
O yes it will I am raising responsible well educated adults. I do not have a revolving door and I am going to go have a grand old time. They have been forewarned.
Yep, I dare to be different. The negative of being CF: I dread those situations where the women my age are talking about their kids. The older I get, the harder it is to find friends who don't have kids. I feel like I've been abandoned by my best friend since she had her first child last year. I'm hoping my job with teens will pay off as I get older and more and more of the women I associate with have teens. Then I can join in the conversation.
Yes, I am childless, as I don't have the mommy gene. I gave my daughter up for adoption when she was 10 mos. old (she has since passed on), and I never had more children. I came to realize I am not so very fond of them--I can take them in fairly small doses, so to speak--and I and the world are better off if I put my energies to other things. I have a fertile imagination. :)
That is so true here in Utah. The expectation to add to the population is high. Of course, once they find out I'm not Mormon, they get that "Oh, I understand" look on their face. Like I'm not good enough to breed if I'm not birthing "saints."


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