In his series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan has created a community of modern-day adolescents who are, in actuality, demi-gods. They are the offspring of mortals and the Olympian gods and goddesses. Percy discovers he himself is the son of Poseidon. As such, each of these demi-gods has certain powers at his or her disposal that, frankly, other kids just don't have. Armed with this new knowledge of himself, Percy sets out in his first adventure to find the stealer of Zeus's lightning bolt.

Here are the questions: If you could pick, which god or goddess would you like to claim as father or mother? If you were a demi-god child of that deity, what special ability would want to have you have?

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I would be a daughter of Dionysus and Selene.
I would be son of Isis and Osiris. brother of Horus. As an empath I would like to have this ability improved upon, adding the ability to heal and resurrect.
I would want to be Poseidon's daughter and be able to control the seas.
lol - guess whom I'd pick? Yes, the Goddess of Wisdom and Prophecy.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and her power surpasses the force of Zeus. She associates with the owl and the serpent. Her touch makes people excellent. Athena is the conqueror of titans.

The word "sofia" was an epithet of Athena in ancient Greek philosophy, namely this word meant the wisdom and divine superiority of Athena in comparison with other Olympic gods.


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