An appeals court gave new life Tuesday to a lawsuit of a man who claims a Native American image on Oklahoma's license plates violates his religious rights as a Christian by portraying Indian religion.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 that a judge in Oklahoma City erred last year by throwing out the lawsuit of Keith Cressman, an Oklahoma City-area resident.

Cressman, who says he "adheres to historic Christian beliefs," objects to the image of a Native American shooting an arrow toward the sky. He claims the image unconstitutionally contradicts his Christian beliefs by depicting Indian religious beliefs, and that he shouldn't have to display the image.


Just another example of how intolerant some Christians can be.  The image is not even meant to be a religious symbol.  It's a representation of a Southwestern art piece.

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Hang on! Isn't 'Oklahoma' a Native American term meaning 'real people' - in reference to the Native Americans inhabitants of the area. Doesn't the name Oklahoma imply that non Native American's are not 'real' people? Surely that's unconstitutional!!  

Sorry to burst your bubble:  

okla humma, literally meaning red people

What? The guys thinking is backwards, shouldn't it be the locals complaining about the unauthorized use of their sacred symbol?

Oklahoma is just backwater. trust me that whole state is. I know my aunt has had problems with the social norms, culture, and politics there and she's a liberal atheist and so I have. Texas is nowhere as bad as OK.

Oklahoma is the state they sent all the natives to. When I grew up there for mostly the first ten years we were surrounded by Native culture even though the dominant culture is white, Christian, fundie red necks. I even went to a school called Tecumseh. But unfortunately OK is fucked up and most of my family there are religious nuts. A lot of them run a bunch of Churches that are Church of Christ. Some don't even believe in women wearing make up, pants, or cutting hair.

Ironically, a lot of Aztec academia is published by OU.

Just the work of another FIFO. (Fucking idiot from Oklahoma...or Ohio, depending on who you have to deal with the most).

Is this man gonna go after tootsie pops now for having an Indian native shooting an arrow with a star on it? Sad really sad

I think he's saying he's offended by having to view them on the road.  

He can get a personalized plate that would not have the offending picture on it.  I am proud to live in OK.  Idiots are everywhere.. EVERYWHERE.  Not just in OK.  I was offended by a license plate here the other day myself..  It was a plate of the Mexican flag and said YNKYH8R... I was like "wow Really?!" Then I turned up the radio and tooted on down the road.  But guess what?  It didn't have the picture on it that has offended this pastor so badly *shrug* 

rofl THAT had to be it!! :)  Showing his southern pride ;)

Wonder how he'd feel about the New Jersey state flag. It has TWO GODDESSES ON IT! Ceres and Libertas to be exact.

We also have a township named after Neptune (Neptune).

LMAO! this idiot should look in the mirror- he and every christian around him are just as pagan as that license plate, seriously! if he's offended by the image of a person which he believe symbolises the practice of a religion different to his, i'd like to submit for the re-design of american bills. 'in god we trust-' hell no, we don't!

That is so true.


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