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Thank you for posting I enjoyed watching this ... 

Glad you did :D

Christianity evolved from Judaic fanatism and the syncretism of other faiths, e.g., those of Egyptian origin et al. After all, the widespread popularity of Christianity is owed to the Romans (Emperor Constantine in particular) who saw mass Christian convertion as a smart political maneuver. The Romans understood that the syncretism of faith systems was essential in order to avoid religious warfare when conquering a new peoples. As far as Christianity itself its the Great Myth of the ages. The concept of the death and resurrection has been in existence longer than the Christian adaptation. All-in-all Christians will worship their God (and/or idol) how they please, as is their right. Whether a person prays to their God/Gods or Saints/Demigods everyone is entitled to their beliefs.
I can't seem to upload the video. What was the title? I'll YouTube it.

Caesar's Messiah.

Seemed interesting , had a little promise, but she lisped me to death in 30 seconds.


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