Hi guys! new here..im trying to connect myself in deep meditation to increase energy but having a hard time to meditate...
can someone give me some advice or methods best way to meditate ......thanks.....!

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Hi Zenny

I think the best place to start is with mindfulness meditation. I suggest "mindfulness for beginners by Jon kabat-zinn." It clears up many misconceptions about meditation and will give you the basics it's a great starting point for more advanced practices later. I believe the audiobook is on YouTube and it's about two and a half to three hours with the last hour being all guided meditations. I wish you success. Oh and by the way that's pretty much where I started. That and Buddhist philosophy led me to the wiccan path

The best advice is to quit "trying" to meditate. Don't force it if it's not coming naturally to you. Let your body adjust to the concept of meditation. Just start out with a 3-5 minute session at a time and don't progress in length until you've "mastered" the previous time frame. Just sit (or lie) in stillness. Listen to your breath. Be mindful of what you hear, without any judgement or thought. Just listen. Deep breathing helps to focus the body and mind. Once you've learned to quieten your mind, add a bit of guidance to the meditation- direct your mind. Make any sense?


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