Drawn to a dove's nest by the mothers lullaby Jackal decides it's time for lunch.  He calls up to the frightened mother dove.  "Send down one of your chicks or I will come up and eat them both."  Dove, in her fear, forgets Jackal can't climb and pushes a chick from the nest. Not satisfied Jackal calls up gain. "Send the other down or I'll eat you both."  Mother Dove forgets again and pushes the other down, thinking she was saving herself. Jackal eats this one too and then leaves.

A little while later, at the water hole Dove told of her loss to Blue Crane. Crane stares at her fr a moment, wondering at her intelligence then speaks. "I'm sorry for your loss, I really am, but you realize Jackal can't climb and you can fly right?"  Dove is embarrassed and even more upset when she realizes Crane was right.

Seeing this Crane decides it's time to get back at the Jackal.  "He tricked you," He said. "Let us trick him back."   "How?" Dove asked. "Lets  make him think he can fly."

That evening a tired Jackal was trotting  across the savannah when Crane approached him. "You seem tired, wouldn't be easier to fly?" She asked him.  "I'm sure it would" He responded. "But I don't know how."  Crane cocked her head as she pretended to think.  "I can teach you if you promise to do as I say."  She told him.  "I promise!"  The now excited Jackal agreed.

"First, cover your fur in Gum from the gum tree." Crane instructed and to her amusement he did so. Crane plucked some of her feathers and stuck them on the jackal. It was rather uncomfortable but he did complain.  Next Crane knelt down. "Now get on my back."  She instructed and Jackal did so.

Crane spread her powerful wings and with a few  strokes she and Jackal were high in the sky.  "Now Jump." Crane told him and he did. The thing is He's a jackal so he just fell.  He hit the ground and the dove chicks were forced from Jackals mouth.  Crane gathered the chicks and returned them ti their mother.

Source: The Quality of Cranes:A Little Book of Crane Lore. By Betsy Didrickson and the KHOIKHOI peoples

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