I believe dance has long been a part of many spiritual paths. I know for myself,there is nothing more magical and empowering than that dance around a huge,energetic balefire with the Celtic drums going crazy. I saw an Aztec dance reenactmnt in Mexico too. Very nice. Does dance enter into your path or religion? How?

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Dance has long been a part of my life; both kinds of dancing, choreograph and spontaneous freestyle. I've also chained 29 martial art forms together into one long form and consider that to be a choreographed dance too.

Also a recent new discover in neuroscience, a very hot subject right now, is how aerobic exercise regenerates the brain and also speeds up our learning process. Read the reviews of this book at Amazon about the effects of exercise on the brain. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain  So for that reason more then any other, I go through my martial art dance form everyday, especially just before doing mental work like writing horoscopes.

In other words, the ancients were definitely on to something to incorporate dance into their spiritual practices. Especially at the start of Coven meetings where the exercise not only invigorated the body and mind, but also spontaneous freestyle dancing will initiate spontaneous thinking, like for Coven think tank discussions. For those who don’t already do it, this can be tested; like, dance and feel how much energy you have afterwards. 

I thought you might like to be aware of this online resource group:

Healing Dance Network -  a web between the various healing dance studies,
theories, practitioners and proponents through which to find, share and
expand knowledge and understanding into the possibilities and realities of
healing through dance. I am hoping you will let us know about your own
search and findings and how we might work together to bring our learning

Laurie - libramoon42@mindspring.com



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