I believe dance has long been a part of many spiritual paths. I know for myself,there is nothing more magical and empowering than that dance around a huge,energetic balefire with the Celtic drums going crazy. I saw an Aztec dance reenactmnt in Mexico too. Very nice. Does dance enter into your path or religion? How?

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As a deadhead, dance is definitely an integral part of my spiritual practice, and I've seen some pretty mystical dances. I know we are famous as bad dancers to some people, and even within the culture. Some people don't like spinners, for instance, but I think it is serendipidously close to the WHirling of Dervishes.
But dancing is a big part of the experience, the feeling - at any concerts, but especially for the Dead because of the mystical nature and length of traditions.
But i think ecstasy (the real one, not the drug) is the goal of ravers, etc - and they know what they are doing but maybe don't use the same language about it.
My thing now is to praise Lady Gaga - in my thread here I describe how "Just Dance", like all her songs, has a deeply spiritual message. But you can read it there, if you want.
Whats a deadhead? I have not thought of Lady Gaga as a spiritual influence,but to each their own,me...I love the boudrons,bagpipes and the music that stirs the soul
I have just bought a bodhran, and can't wait for it to arrive. I have wanted to learn to play for many years. I plan to be working on that over the summer. Found some really good tutorials online by a woman who is Canadian, lives in Scotland with her Scottish husband, but comes back to Camp Breton, Nova Scotia (of course) every summer to teach the bodhran at the Gaelic College there.

T'ai chi is a wonderful art form. I enjoy it too. Very powerful
Hopefully, Poisoned Spoon will see this discussion. She is an expert. Check out her group here: http://www.paganspace.net/group/ecstasia

When I use dance, it tends to be more freeform trance work but I'd love to add some traditional cultural dances to my practice.


ANYONE that dances with the intent of spirituality is an expert. There are many forms of spiritual dancing,from within is where it comes. Poison Spoon is always welcome to add her grande slant on here style and is a friend.
I love dancing in any shape or form. My Scottish/Celtic roots give me that desire for sure, but I think I would have it in me anyway. When that's in your blood you've just got to hear the pipes and drums and you're up kicking up your heels. My grandmother would sit complaining about her aches and pains, and how she was getting old.......then the pipes and drums would start up and you'd think she was a young girl again.
I couldn't live without music, and so dance goes hand in hand with that for me.
I haven't danced around a fire with other people for a long time now.....that needs to be rectified soon.
I just love seeing the 80 and 90 year oldes at the Scottish fests in the front row!
Dance can be very powerful. Many of our festivities in Aztec culture were community based. Celebrations occurred and dance was very much a part of ritual. In some rituals participants danced around the sacrificed.

I also think many danza groups do a good job of enacting myth through dance.
This is my fav dance enacting Quetzalcoatl in his descent into the underworld to steal the bones of the previous race.
hop hop hop
I am the magical energy when I dance! just love it!


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