i posted ths note in my facebook and i wanted to share this with you..sorry for the dire tone but theres kind of a cathartic relief for me in this...


to my earth mother, i want to apologize to you on behalf of my species...i know we were supposed to be wardens and caretakers of this precious place we call home that you bequeathed us, but as you can see, some elements of our kind got to be in command and now...well you know the result...i know that my little apology will mean nothing when judgment comes and that those of us who dont subscribe to the taking of these precious recources without due giving will be washed away in the flood of redemption as well...guilt by association and i can accept that...even the early days of logging, lumberjacks knew that to keep thier business going they had to plant, give and take...i just wanted to tell you, mother gaia, that we tried..i know that i will sound like one of those tree huging hippie liberals but youu know what? i dont care...i do hug your trees in the park from where i work because i find they speak to me, especially when i am in communion...i wanted to tell you during this time thank you..thank you for this gift that you have bestowed upon us...thank you for this time we have shared here with you...in many people i see your beauty, what possibilities could have came from such souls...in so many thngs i see your life and i feel your breath when the wind carreses me when i am sorrowful...thank you and i wish we couldve done a better job... to you i offer this apology and this thanks...
thom a gabaldon

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How 'bout this:

Dear Gaia, I love you.
I'm a liar.
If the earth fights back,
kill it with fire.
Man is supreme, let the infestation spread.
Eat, Rape and Murder till the earths dead.

It's okay, we could always go to mars.
Next up, mankind conquers all the stats.
uhh no

The truth is, short of detonating a couple dozen nuclear warheads in the earth crust strategically placed in order to blow up the planet, humans don't do much damage.

Volcano equals the last 20 years of US carbon emisions.

Most carbon emissions come from decomposing plant matter.

The two worst thing humans do:
over fishing
light pollution
we dont? im sorry but all the things we have done to this planet is over along period of time and it is starting to catch up to us...with the bp spill (which this was influenced by) the damage is insurmountable...to say we dont do much damage to this planet it being rather, umm, shortsighted...love canal in the 70s is a great example, and there are other places where we have been so toxic that cancer rates have begun to rise..
Global warming: every planet in our solar system has been warming up, proving that the sun is the cause.

The oil spill is terrible, but all sea life will die off over the next century due to over fishing.

Also, this awesome planet has only had life on it for a short time. Even if we did nuke all life away, the earth would recover with a new species on top.


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