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I was in a shop earlier and in the Hallowe'en section there was "devil shaped balloons", which got me thinking, as Hallowe'en has nothing to do with the devil.  Therefore, do you think that shops are at least partly to blame for the misunderstandings about the biggest Pagan holiday of the year?  Is it consumerism's fault that Christians claim Hallowe'en is when devil-worshippers come out to play?  Just a thought...

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My dear its ignorence. Unadulterated ignorence. They like to blame everything on their Satan. Samhain as nothing to do with Satan a all. I was somwhee wth my mother and I started to tell her about the histoy of Samhain and my mother who doesnt know I am a pagan ( or shes in denal) bluntly told me that noone cares.
The Church is to blame. And since Protestant Christianity was the reason why Europeans came here to began with, by the time was started celebrating Halloween, it saturated everything about our culture it should be of NO surprise to anyone that in Christian dominant countries the holiday is seen, at least in part, as being ruled over by 'Big Red'.

I think the devil shaped balloons sound awesome, 'specially if they were filled with blood. \m/


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