The following is Xposted from my blog. This is my opinion on the matter and why I feel the way I do about said differences. Agree with me, or disagree with me, that's your choice.

Alright, I'm not for knocking anyone for who they believe themselves to be. But if you're doing it to be cool or fit in. As the wise LOLcats say; "Ur doin it rong!"

Therianthropy: It's not about religion. It's not about a lifestyle. It's not about standing out. It's not about trying to make yourself appear as something you are not. It's not about making yourself popular.

These are things best left to people who cannot stand up for who they are and what they believe to be true about themselves.

As a Therian or Otherkin (if you are one), you should have doubts! You should ask questions! You should be curious! You should learn as much as you possibly can! You should view yourself from an outside perspective! You should question everyone who claims to be a Therian too! Doesn't matter the species/breed/animal. You should always make friends with skepticism first before you decide whether someone it 'playing at it' or really feeling similar things to you. Don't just take someone at their word because people lie all the time. Whether to make friends or appear as something more than they truly are.

This brings me to the topic at hand...

Otherkin I've been mistakenly categorized in this umbrella term. It pisses me off.
There is (at least to me) a clear distinction between Otherkin and Therian.

Therian: A human believing that they have the soul/personality/behavior pattern of whatever animal. A living/existing (including extinct species) animal (or what-have-you). No wings, no frills, just one animal. They may have totems but only self-identify as one animal.

This is not spirituality based. This is condition. Something someone is born with and comes to realize at a later time.
I seriously question anyone who says "I've known since birth" I say "Bullshit to that Sir!"

Therianthopy is very much a lesson in self reflection and personal discovery. It can either be a gradual thing or you could stumble upon the definition and become curious about it and want to learn more to see if perhaps you happen to be one. You either are or you aren't you can't learn this. I suppose it would be much the same for an Otherkin. Though, I haven't asked any of them.

Plenty of the Therian crowd even openly states that it may even have something to do with brain chemistry which I won't deny. I mean, I don't know for sure, but at least I'm not 'whacko crazy'. I don't shift into a deer or anything physically. That's a hilarious thought though... I just feel this is a large part of what makes me who I am.

Otherkin: Here's where it gets kinda weird and my skepticism kicks into hyper drive. These are people who self-identify as a mythical, fantastical, hybrid, vampires (not the sub-culture, the hybrids), or fae.
Why am I skeptical when it comes to them more so than I am with a wolf therian (which gained in popularity due to pop-culture)? Because their's is harder to identify with for me.
It just seems to rub me the wrong way sometimes. I mean if you can tell me or show me somehow that you truly believe it and can back it up. I will apologize if this offends you. But it doesn't mean that I have to accept every person who strolls up to me and claims to be a Dragon or Vampire or what-have-you.

These seem to be people who are crying out for attention or just trying to piss off Mom and Dad. Sorry, I ain't buying it till you prove to me through your experiences or you speak to me, and aren't sure. If you're positive... chances are, my skepticism will force me to ignore you completely.

I'm a skeptic about myself all the time. I'll probably never know 100% for sure. All I know is this is how I feel. I know what I've experienced and through those experiences have been able to hone it down to 'what' I am other than just human. Sounds crazy and strange, but I'm not the only one out there. I'm not fanatical by any stretch of the imagination.


The other night I was chatting with a fellow skeptic and explaining my stance on this very subject. Thus gaining his respect. Why? Because I was able to explain it easily and not sound like I KNEW everything. One of my favorite sayings is "I don't know, is an acceptable answer" When it comes to Therianthropy and Otherkin this is very true. There are just things that are impossible and very difficult to put into words, but damnit, half the time I at least make an attempt.

I was also asked "why that particular animal?" Well in my personal reflections and study I looked closely at myself as well as a wide range of animals. I didn't try to narrow my fields down too soon. Perhaps this is why it took me three years to decide to finally call myself a Therian.

Then they asked "What if this particular animal doesn't reside in the US? How did you identify with it?"
I then explained, After a year or two, I narrowed it down to the genus Cervidae, or Deer. I knew I related in some way to a Deer, I was unsure of the exact type. There are many.
Of course, I started with the local population of deer (whitetail). But that didn't feel quite right. After a lot more searching and self reflection and surfing the internet and collecting as much info on deer in general that I could. I discovered the "European/Scottish Red Deer" This was ME. I knew it the moment I saw my first picture of a majestic stag standing in front of his harem. It rang true to me. It just felt like it was right.

This is how it should be, whether you are Therian or not. It deals in a bunch of self reflection and self examination. It should be true to you. You should ask yourself questions all the time. You should be skeptical. There are no guarantees, after all, I at least admit I could be wrong.

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Interesting read and well thought out. Thank you =)
Thank you Pav. I was waiting for someone who disagrees with me for whatever reason to start trashing my opinion :).
My mind is really open to this kind of stuff and I wouldn't dismiss it for a minute. Who am I to dismiss this? I've had experiences of seeing through the eyes of an animal but I put those down to gnoses. I have many pets and sometimes I visualise seeing what they see. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant in my eyes as I have experienced it. Wonderful =) I have looked into Other culture and feel I understand it on a superficial level, but I'm a bit in the dark about therianthropy, so this helped me to see it from you perspective enormously. An area I will undoubtedly research ad infinitum! Just an observation: I don't see vampires as otherkin, but a seperate subculture with its own philosophies and æscetics - an internal manifesting as an external and this is why I like all this area of occulture, and it has as much validation in my eyes as any other. Really spiritual.
Well they (vampires) also get lumped into the category of Otherkin and many self-identify as part of that definition. Hence my reasoning for adding them to it.

I can agree with you on your observation however, as it makes perfect sense.
Aye, that's my take on vampirism as well, though I have met a couple people who think their soul is what makes them vampiric and thus treat it as a kintype. They're definitely rare though.
Well, then we feel these things in an opinionated manner, nothing wrong with that. Though, I view Vampires (note the big V) and vampires (little v) as two different subcultures.

There are the Vampires: Ones who drain blood or energy. Or practice true vampirism.
and vampires: the hybrid varieties (Elfin demon vamp) you may see hanging around forums.

That's why it's a little v. I'm talking about a different sub-culture hun.
Interesting,on the 11 online sites I went to to do more research yesterday,all 11 of them included vampires as otherkin...??? Though,I've been talking to Amanda and I dont believe she follows the otherkin path,either,but follows the vampire path,so mayhaps one does not always be inclusive of the other...
Personally, from everything I gather about Otherkinism, Therianthropy (+ Contherianthropy) is that there is no absolute or definitive statement of authority on the subject. Yes, there's a growing amount of literature on these (sub-)cultures, but no one single person can say definitively "This is it". It's experiential and deeply personal for those who define themselves with these terms, and remember:

Damh put this thread up on *AWARENESS*, not *BANTER*

Be aware! =)
Thanks. Here I was thinking Therians were people who did (amongst other things) shamanic travelling by not actual shapeshifting. The body lies, but the consciousness roams about, in whatever form they chose. Hmmm I have nothing more to say for the moment besides that I really like Deer but can not quite associate with it myself.
Some do and some don't. Personally I do, but that is something I learned about myself in the course of my own personal discovery.

Most Therians would actually equate that form of travel to be spiritual, and not all Therians are. They would feel more like they are turning the condition into a religion when that is not the case. Spirituality does have something to do with it in my case, but I cannot speak for all Therians as I am only one person in a group of thousands.
So... and forgive me as this is coming largely from a position of ignorance and confusion...

Am I right that to you therianthropy may be construed as maintaining an animal's spiritual identity while being cast in a human body? Sort-of a the most recent incarnation you yourself may have had may have been that kind of Deer, and that form maintains a strong energetic memory for you?
Something in that sense yes. It's really difficult to put it into words, but I do the best I can with what I've experienced.


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