Do ALL People Have The Capabilities For Certain.MAGICAL..... Talents,Gifs,abilities?

On many discussions AND in visiting with folks throughtout my travels,with friends,family,many folks do believe ALL people have the abilities ,when worked on,used,perfected to do "certain" things,read auras,see into the future,the past,cross to the spirituial realm,have ESP,etc.. I dont. Thoughts?

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Yeah, I think everyone can do it. Assuming you believe it's possible and you put the time and effort into learning how to do it. It probably takes longer for others and perhaps some don't have the discipline for it...but I do believe that everyone CAN.
I've got mixed feelings on this one, but I tend to think that with many "talents", all people have the capacity for them, but not necessarily the same capacity. For me, this is where the words "gift" and/or "ability" come into play. A person who is gifted perhaps has a greater capacity for something or a natural "gift" with that particular skill.

For example, all people (for the most part) can sing. Yet, there are clearly some people who are musically gifted. I can sing, although quite terribly. I could train and train and probably get much better. But, I would never be able to sing as well as some people I know who have not had single bit of training. Singing is just simply not among my "abilities" despite the fact that I technically can sing and I LOVE to.

I think that we all have our own unique sets of skills. Each person has things that come naturally to them and other things that do not. This is what makes each of us special. But, that's just my viewpoint!
Am I mistaken or has the title/question in the OP changed?

Whether I misread or it was changed, I would add that I think that all people have within them the capacity for some form of magic (depending on how you define magic). But, not all people have a natural inclination for it. Much like any other type of ability, some people are naturals, others are not.
No some people are just a waste of space.
What would be an example of a person "who is a waste of space",a rapist,murderer,liar? Who?
Someone who annoys me, would be a waste of space.
Very sad.........very each their own. I enjoy the positiveness of folks,even those that can annoy me at times.....I look at people as a reflection of their own talents,wants,needs,desires ,loves,hates. I am not perfect. I'm glad those I even annoy consider me "worthy" of space on the Earth.
Hello darling Lass! ESP, or extra sensory perception, is not 'extra' in the sense that supernatural is not 'super', or paranormal is not 'para.' Everything that exists is part of the natural, scientific world in which we live. There are things that we still have to discover and learn. All of us possess what we see in others as being different; the way we can realize these things within ourselves is to exercise those 'muscles;' like other muscles, they must be toned and developed.
(By the way, please come join my new group for adventurous souls!)
Thank you chevn. Well said.
K,did you send me an invite?
So do I. The "magical" abilities would solve many issues......
I have pondered this question often...and the jury is still out for me. My working belief at the moment is this:

We are all the children of Gaia, and share with her participation to some degree in a level/sphere/dimension which operates in a way we call "magic." Each of us has the ability, through awareness, study, and practice, to utilize the reality we call "magic," and through various operating systems we call tradition, craft, ceremony, spell, etc. Within this larger construct, there are those with seemingly natural affinities/talents/abilities for whom some things come easily and naturally, almost like breathing. Those skills can and do vary from person to person but can be shared among groups of people throughout the populations. I posit this as the reason some people seem "gifted" in a certain way.

This is how I am thinking for now...but with more knowledge and awareness, it is always subject to change and enhancement. This is why I take exception to those who post on this site who claim to have it all figured out for everyone. If you are "alive" enough to write a post here, I believe you still have room to learn and grow, and be surprised at what you don't know or understand correctly.


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