I am often reminded of one of my favorite Old Testament stories; the Tower of Babel. In the story, man sought to be like God and so God backhanded man into the dirt so hard we all started speaking different languages and fractured socially. A myriad of different lessons can be taken from the story inits entirety. Today, though, I thought of one I had not before thought of.

Often, I scold modern science for discovering the "how" of a phenomena and forgetting the "why." A good example is from a documentary I was watching casually one day. There is a town that suffered a grave loss in population during a war long gone. A certain battlefield started showing strange annual lights that the locals believed to be the souls of the dead. Note, these lights only began to appear after the battle had been fought and the lives had been lost. Recently, scientists studied the lights and discovered they were some sort of weather phenomena that they weakly attributed to "possible" minerals in the nearby mountains and refractions of light in gases. The scientists were very quick to dismiss the local peoples' beliefs because they had discovered the secular nature of the lights, or what they are exactly. However, no one came forward in the documentary to point out that in order for their explanation to hold weight, the lights should have been appearing before the battle as well. The scientists beheld the "how" and in their excitement they forgot all about examining the "why."

Because of my views on this, it is my own personal effort to discover the "how" to things such as magic and astrology. However, the thought came to me; At what point does the "how" lead you to the "why" and is it an insult to the creator to basically reverse engineer his/her yard all the way to the front door? Let's say we discover that magic does indeed work through brain chemistry. A modern scientist would leave it at, "ha, you see? It isn't magic it's just the human brain!" however, I personally would then ask "why" the brain is designed to allow the use of magic. If we found that an unknown ray or wave was able to travel from the stars and carry information to saturate our cells with as DNA does from conception to birth, many would then dismiss astrology as some accidental parallel observation by the savages of the past. However, my next concern would be to find out "why."

So basically, I couldn't help but ponder over the idea whether or not it is possible to be considered nosy by the gods? lol

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I agree wholeheartedly... That being said, it is important (I feel) to remember this when Science becomes impetuous enough to dismiss the "why" strictly because of the "how".


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