I’m trying to identify these symbols. 

Any help or leads are appreciated.



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The third one , is a combination of what my Tradition

refers to as "Payuurt" and "Eel"...


What most would know as "Perthro" and "Algiz" , as a bind rune...


However , the Payuurt rune , has been "closed"...


These are the center two symbols in my Tradition's double eleven

column arrangement of runes...to us , they "can" mean...( among

seventy seven levels of understanding each )...


"Vibrational Bridge"


Where did you find it , if I may ask ?

Nature…. keeps showing me this symbol (symbol C) on quartz rocks, branches, and things pawed out by animals.


Can you point me to info on your Tradition?

"However , the Payuurt rune , has been "closed"...

    Sorry...been a runemaster a long time..never heard of a closed perthro. Something like the "blank" rune? (Which is also BS). Of course, there are people constantly taking sacred symbols of diverse cultures from our ancestors and changing them to fit their purpose good or bad. Like Hitler and others.



I see Pertho but I don't see Algiz.  To me C looks like a symbol for a witch riding a broom stick (if I may use my imagination).  A and B look like tattoos.  So some kind of barbed wire and rope drawings.

Algiz is the straight line with fork , upright ,

through a closed Perthro rune...


They are blended into a bind rune...


And , yes , HereNow , I shall pm you later today with some links...;)


As for the top one...


I do believe it could be some form of Ogham writing , natural or man made...


So which is it , HereNow ?


Man made ?


I just googled Perthro and I don't see it in symbol C...

I could see Algiz if you removed the lower triangle of C.


What about symbols other than runes?

You are not thinking in bind runes terms...


Turn Pethro on its side...now bring the two sideways "V" bars in ,

connecting at points...now connect Algiz , by standing it upright ,

between the connecting "V" points...


This is a common style of bind rune , when seen through the eyes

of those who use them...depends on tradition , or craft...;)

Ned , you have your own Tradition...


I am not Odinic , have worked with runes ,

and my Tradition 17 + years , have sat with

many elders from different traditions who have

confirmed what I am saying...


Be happy , with your way of knowledge , and

path...be sure that I am with mine , and will

tell anyone to stick it , if they start getting

all cultural with me about the runes...clear ?


Be happy , with your way of knowledge , and

path...be sure that I am with mine , and will

tell anyone to stick it , if they start getting

all cultural with me about the runes...clear ?

  Im sure Hitler was happy with his a well, as I said, I appologize..I get somewhat upset when I see "OUR" sacred symbols manipulated to "anothers" thought of intended purpose or definition.                        Again wassail, N/N  

Not your symbols , Ned...


Though I can understand many , including

myself , not enthralled with Nazt mentality...


You may believe runes are Odinic , or from

Northern Europe...I know differently , do not

buy into history books regarding runes , have

spent countless hours working with runes ,

consulted with quantum physicists , sat with

elders of many traditions , consulted with a

millionaire , who paid me very well for my

knowledge of runes...and more...


I have taught my Tradition's ways for many years...


So , I am just trying to be very up front with

you , before you attempt to pull anything

with me , if that is your intent...


Believe me...you are not the first , who wants

to insist on runes origins , or ownership...


Perhaps you might understand , if I said I

am a Free man , who is a Builder ? ( what do

you call one who works with stone ? )



Just so u know that I know I am quite certain u have no idea the origin of the runes...noone does, there are several speculations. However, the Elder Futhark IS of Germanic origin. I am not here to dispute or argue with you on this. I was introduced o the Futhark at age 12 by my grandparents and really didn`t start studying the Norse tradition and culture until  I was in highschool but my family has kept it very close so, as far as a debate with you enough said. When I refer to them as "OURS" thats exactly what I mean! They are by an Odian standpoint just that and are refered to in texts as old as any as being used by my ancestors...OK?

   and yes I do understand as I hope you do as well.

 by this..I mean when talking "runes" in the Germanic dialect you should by all rights be using/refering that lot to its Germanic meaning/usage and not manipulating the Norse tradition or meaning or (galdrstav ) for that rune that is all I`m saying, if you are using said cultures name(language) for such, do not mix it up stick to it..It confuses people, especially the unadept.


I respect your family , and lineage line , Ned...


Is that not the way ?


Yet , I do know the runes come from the Otherworld...


And not 24 , 29 , 16 , or any other arrangement ,

belongs to anyone , though they may claim such...


It may be heritage , lineage , or tradition...


Not ownership...we are all custodians of runes , as

if you read my many other posts here , you shall see

I state from my Tradition's viewpoint and knowledge ,

the runes are part of what we and the universe are

wired with...


And the programs we run...


Best to you and your family...


May your wassail bowl always be filled with good things !


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